Someone’s Getting Fired…New City Life Leaks!

This is the same screenshot we got a few days ago, but now it’s much clearer. In the background you can see food stands, a Sim playing basketball, and a street performer.

Sim Nonymous (the person who keeps emailing fan sites with leaked images and info) also revealed today that he/she is a member of The Sims Team.

Here is the information Sim Nonymous provided about the new world coming with City Life:

  • A city world with apartments (new lot type) and penthouses (regular lot on high-rise)
  • New tourist NPCs (they have different priorities/habits than townies; e.g. check city map, take selfies more often and usually travel in a group of 3-6 Sims (we are currently discussing if the groups should be larger, so it might be different in the final version)
  • New cultural food (e.g. Indian); ability to learn the recipe by eating similar to Dine Out’s experimental food
  • Also there are new features and UI improvements planned for the patch prior to EP3’s release later this year.

Who do you think Sim Nonymous is?


Well, dang, Tessa. (Also, good job, Isaac White.) For pre-order.