Get ready!! Blue vouchers are finally coming to EN SIF on July 31st, after the current Kotori event. They’ll be referred to as “Coupons”!
This means you will have to update your app, so please save your transfer code in advance, just in case.

KLM's Apple Watch app catches your plane

July 17th Apple released its watch in The Netherlands. KLM took advantage of Apple Watch’s launch in The Netherlands to release their watch app simultaneously. We built the app, KLM integrated it within their iOS app and AKQA did the design. So after playing with your new Apple Watch for almost two weeks now, it’s time to put it into action and see how your watch can make catching your plane more convenient.

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web tasarım firmaları Merkez ilçe

web tasarım firmaları Merkez ilçe

web tasarım firmaları Merkez ilçe ekibi olarak  Tüm TÜRKİYE  içinde müşterilerimizin isteklerini ön planda tutarak ve web tasarımlarımız ile portföyümüze her geçen gün daha seçkin müşteriler ve daha çok referanslar ekliyoruz. 14 yılı aşkın tecrübeli adobe sertifikalarına sahip kadromuz ile size özel web çözümleri sunmaktan ve çözüm ortağınız olmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz.  Merkez…

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batibat: talk about the worst nightmare you have ever had

Yumoto: “Hm… The worse nightmare I’ve ever had? Probably when I dreamed I walked to school and found no one. I went home, and big-brother Gora wasn’t there, either! So, I walked around a little bit; no one was in the shops or restaurants. No one to talk to, no one to cuddle! … It’s scary being alone.”

Atsushi: “My worst nightmare was losing En-chan. He avoided me at school- and I didn’t know why! We were perfectly fine the day before. When I woke up, I texted him and when he responded, I felt a lot better.”

En: “A nightmare? I don’t really have those. Dreams, either.”

Io: “I lost all my money randomly. I checked my accounts, and all the money was gone. I was kicked out of my home and lived on the streets, like a street rat. All I had were the clothes on my back and had to find a place to stay after awhile. Thankfully, Ryuu and Granna took me in.”  He sighed. “I’m talking like it really happened, aren’t I?”

Ryuu: “Ugh, do I really have to talk about those? I have so many, it’s hard to keep up with… Fine. I was walking home and tried talking to this really cute, long-haired girl with pretty eyes. Her name was Yui, and she seemed really nice. Well, until she tried to take my eyes out with her nails. I woke up sweating and mumbling.”

Kinshiro: He huffed. “I’ve lived my worst nightmare.”

Arima: “All of my plants were gone and I was kicked out of the Student Council.”  He went on without elaborating, giving a smile.

Akoya: “Is there really a need to answer this? My school life is a nightmare.”