(EN/FR) You don’t want to know/Tu ne veux pas savoir

A little story to remind you that you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone about anything especially when it’s about trauma. 

Une petite histoire pour vous rappeler que vous n'avez pas à vous justifier de quoi que ce soit aux autres, surtout quand il s'agit de traumatismes.

Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed about your feelings, you don’t have to justify yourself to others, you don’t need approbation to people who can’t understand. You are you and you’re perfect as you are, and the only person who can give you his/her approbation about your past is you. 

Ne laisse personne te faire te sentir non-légitime ou ridicule face à tes sentiments, tu n’as pas besoin de te justifier aux autres, tu n’as pas besoin de l’approbation de ceux qui ne peuvent pas comprendre. Tu es toi et tu es parfait.e comme tu es, et la seule personne qui peut te donner son approbation à propos de ton passé, c’est toi. 

Very happy to announce that from now on “Vagues Survivantes” (Surviving Waves) will be bilingual for letting my non-French speaking followers understand what is going on haha <3 

Très contente de vous annoncer qu’à partir de maintenant “Vagues Survivantes” sera bilingue afin que les followers non-francophone puissent comprendre ce qu’ils se passent haha <3 

xo xo 

anonymous asked:

Avie. I see you're minoring in religion for some reason. So give us the variants as ways of being religious.

This sounds vaguely commanding but I’ll bite.

sosx: the communitarian. really loves engaging with people in their community. Likely belongs to a congregation, coven, or group of some sort. Probably does fundraising, awareness raising and activity scheduling. Really, really into the community part of what they do, and emphasizes how that manifests in whatever they believe in. Most likely to be in a cult based in a major religion.

sxso: also communitarian, but the actual religion comes first. A Super Believer ™ and Crusader ™. Most likely to try to evangelize or convert people. Really passionate. Makes me think of those Christians on campus that go around telling people they’re sinners, but super nicely, with an attempt to bring them into the fold. Tend to be rude but well-intentioned. Second most likely to be in a cult based in a major religion.

sosp: usually just for show/because it’s normal/it’s expected/it’s part of their culture. They really vibe with larger, more mainstream religions. You’ll seldom see them doing anything fringe, weird, non-mainstream, or otherwise counter-culture. The person who goes to mass every Sunday only because they don’t want to go to hell, but also kinda digs church bake sales. Tends to look down upon “weird” or minority religions, and actually kinda comes off as a bit of an asshole because of it. Not well intentioned like sxso, but literally just ignorant. Tend to be very hypocritical. These are what people tend to refer to as “the sheeple”.

spso: most likely to be hardcore atheists, actually. If not, they’re usually in it for image like sosp, but don’t value the community/belonging aspect as much. Likely mainstream religion but keep it to themselves as much as possible. If they are involved in something minority, and the odds are higher than sosp, they like to reach out to people they see as having status or information in that community and use it to build a large circle of network/reference. Can be like this in major religions/beliefs too. Actually pretty informed and ok with spreading knowledge when they aren’t keeping to themselves. Oddly, don’t look down on fringe/minority religions, often because they don’t understand them/the appeal but also see it as none of their business.

spsx: VERY secretive. You likely only know what they believe in if you’re close to them or have been in their home. Second most likely to be fringe/minority, and most likely to be very counterculture. LOTS of pagans/occultists like sxsp, but 99% of the time are solitary practitioners. Secretive even if mainstream religion, will attend worships but leave immediately afterwards. very dedicated. Have the most gatekeeping tendencies, due to valuing privacy as highly as they do. Quite knowledgeable but also very withdrawn. Most religious hermits are spsx. Second most likely to be atheists, too.

sxsp: most likely to be in a fringe religion cult, very likely to be fringe/minority. Super dedicated to what they do but less secretive than spsx. Like to bond with people over whatever it is they do. Very picky with to who they disclose, but it’s not like spsx where it’s like pulling teeth. They’re a bit more open because it’s a connecting opportunity. They like to meet individuals they can have long discussions with. Ones involved with major religions are dedicated but keep to themselves/their family. Really against evangelizing but not as staunchly against informational disclosure as spsx.

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