enneagram as things in middle class suburban houses

1: the family chore list, which hasn’t been updated in over two months

2: pictures of extended family members that even the family doesn’t recognize

3: a shelf dedicated to the children’s awards but all the awards are shitty ones like “second longest long jump in the school track and field championship”

4: goth teenager that has locked themselves in their room for at least a year now who only emerges to raid the family wine cabinet

5: textbooks people have never read on subjects no one is interested in lying abandoned on a shelf underneath a coffee table

P6: the cat that hides whenever visitors come over

CP6: a folder labelled “proof you’ve been cheating on me” on the desk in the office, filled to the brim with absolute nonsense

7: four bikes in the garage which were used for a week after they were purchased and never again, hung from ceiling racks

8: motivational wall quotes in stupid font like “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” that cost like 60 bucks at a home deco store

9: the tennis balls on strings in the garage, hanging from the ceiling

quick guide to the instinctual variants:

Oh no, a friend is in trouble. What do you do?

-Offer to give them your resources: food, money, time, anything like that– cook them dinner, offer to pay for things, look after their immediate needs so they can be better equipped to solve their problem, give them advice on managing their life in other areas to make their current problems less stressful: sp

-try to figure out what they need emotionally or mentally and help them get it or give it to them, or just let them use you as a support system and make sure they know you’re there for them: sx

-don’t know/don’t care/what friends?/what I would do for everyone in that situation, ask others for help, look to norms about what to do/panic because you have no idea: so

Mikor azt mondtad szereted a hangom mert olyan megnyugtato…😍
Hogy szereted ahogy beszelek💖
Hogy nagyon csinos vagyok😊
Hogy jol all ez a nadrag😱😍
Hogy ma nagyon jol nezek ki😙
Mikor azt irtad akkor is jol nezek ki mikor csunya vagyok😂😍
Mikor szepsegemnek hivtal😍😍😍
Mikor kepet kertel tolem😄
Mikor eloszor kertel talalkozot😇😍💕
Mikor megkerdezted hogy leszek e a baratnod💕💕💕
Es mikor en elbasztam mindent😠😭😭😭

anonymous asked:

I read somewhere that an sx/sp would value painful experiences even if it hurt. Like even though it sucked, it's made me who I am kinda thing. Do you find this to be true?

From what I know of sx/sp, it seems to be so.

in regards to relationships with others (since that’s the main concern of sx):

Sx is the variant that values intensity, especially interpersonal right? That includes shitty experiences. “It was a tough situation, but our friendship/relationship grew from it” is a very sx/sp thing to say.

The “it sucked, but” comes from the secondary sp. sx/so might WANT to think it has that thought, but it doesn’t. Sx/so generally values all experiences with people to some degree or another, the secondary sp of sx/sp is forthright in acknowledging that an experience was negative even if “valuable” on another level.

Contrast sp/sx which would be “that experience sucked, nothing was learned/I already knew what this conflict brought to the forefront, and don’t fucking do that again.” Getting closer to someone through tough experiences is seen as pointless/a waste of time (dom sp).

Sx blinds don’t even really seem to consider and/or understand the concept of “getting closer” in general, or conversely, see it as pointless. As much as some of them would like to.