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OMG I LOVED EMILY OWENS MD! I really enjoyed the story line and Emily's developing character. (Plus lets not forget about that cutie Micah) I'm so sad they canceled it!

I discovered it a year or so after it was cancelled and kept searching the internet for season 2 until I found an article saying it didn’t exist :(

The character development of the show was fantastic and they tackled a lot of real life issues besides just having dramatic medical story lines or sagas of who slept with who like in Grey’s. 

Oh Micah was my favorite…if a guy like him actually exists (more so in personality than just Michael Rady’s good looks), sign me up. 

I understood her rationale in not wanting to date Micah because he was essentially her boss which would create a huge conflict of interest, but I thought it was completely ridiculous [SPOILER ALERT] for her to fling herself into the arms of Will. 

I was so mad at that ending. It practically erased half of the character development that had occurred between the premiere and the finale.

I can't fucking believe this.

Why would she chose Will? I mean Micah was there for her the whole time… AND THEN BASICALLY SHE THROWS THAT ALL AWAY FOR AN OLD CRUSH.

She said she was done.

My ship.

My heart.

Fuck you CW. Emily and Micah were going to end up together if given a full season.

I am literally crying right now.

Honestly who insults my ship right now is dead to me ATM.

That means you CW.

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Trauma, it changes everything. After the moment of impact nothings ever the same, you reshape around the pain, but your never the same. But maybe thats okay, things shift, but maybe they needed to shift because we can get stuck at one spot, at one identity but we are not one thing, we are never one thing, not to ourselves, not to each other..


okay so everyone knows I get WAY too attached to my Netflix shows, so don’t let this surprise you.

literally just fell in love with the most perfect down to earth romantic doctor show called Emily Owens, M.D. and there’s only one season. convinced there had to be more I was searching for when the next season would come out and I find out it’s cancelled.

I want to cry.. YOU CANT DO THAT TO PEOPLE. the last episode EVERYTHING that I’ve been wanting to happen all season finally happens and it’s over????? NOT OKAY!!!

this is my life struggles everyone.. don’t tell me you don’t feel the same.. 😕