“An asshole with stunted social skills to the point where they just insult others to have some conversation at all. Reluctantly reveals one night that they just want someone to care about them. “

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stitchednotebook  asked:

What lies beyond the universe?


Literally nothing.

This question is so great that it bears clarification: based on our current understanding of the universe (and not considering multiverse theories or microdimensions), there is no “where” outside the universe. It’s not that it’s empty: such place does not exist.

Here’s an analogy. Imagine we’re all inside of a box. Your question would be similar to asking “what part of the box is outside of the box?”

Now, let’s say that we were on the edge of the universe, and that we could look to the outside. There’s nothing for us to see (no light, not anything), and let’s assume that we could move faster than light and we went out the edge. Then what?

We don’t know.

[Twilight Zone theme fades in]


Unexpected sunset beauty by Andrew Kearton
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EDGE: The Art of the Pixel

UK’s cult gaming magazine EDGE published a special edition issue all about pixel art. It features dozens of artist interviews, some that you’ve seen in my features, many others that you haven’t. It’s a great honor that my little essay about pixel art frontlines the contents. Also, dispersed in between the features you’ll find artworks from the most beautiful classic games, something to look forward to printed as double spreads.

Simply, The Art of the Pixel is a must buy if you love pixel art.

Get the print version here or the digital one through the EDGE mobile app.



The Edge Magazine released an unique special-edition about pixel art this month and I’m glad to be part of this edition. It features 212 pages of pure pixel art, including tons of great images, plus interviews with all contributing artists.

Featured pixel artists are:
Retronator, Octavi Navarro, Dave Grey, Alex Kubodera, Craig Robinson, Sven Ruthner, Craig Stevenson, Tom Happ, Jalonso, Ed Campell, Soaph, Mazeon, Junkboy, Tùng Nguyen, Gustavo Viselner, Dani Oliver, Johan Vinet, Gary Lucken, Nick Wozniak, Vic Nguyen, Benjamin Porter, Chris Cruz, Chern Fai, Aarne Hunziker

You can order “The Art of The Pixel” online here:

If you dig pixel art, you shouldn’t miss it! ;)