Nota 03

Eu gostava da ideia de ir apagando pessoas aos poucos sem sentir muito. Mas agora parece diferente. Sinto que estou deixando de me importar com coisas e pessoas. Não me sinto confortável com o que vem acontecendo. Eu simplesmente estou desistindo, me cansando. Talvez isso seja um erro.

An Aftermath.

Perhaps a glimpse of the first time that Hubert really lost his temper, really, and that infamous Duck Temper showed its colors. 

I can imagine that while they weren’t in the best situation financially or in regards to living conditions before they moved into McDuck Manor, Huey had no outlet for his frustrations, if there even were any with such a quiet lifestyle.

But with change comes opportunity for feelings to take flight. Poor Repressed Huey has played the part of the calm, collected older sibling for so long that once they have a steady and reliable home environment that can of worms will eventually pop open without the pressure weighing down the lid.

And oh. Does it take everyone by surprise when it does. He’s so unpracticed in managing his anger that he is too overwhelmed to do much more than rant and rave and maybe break something if it’s close enough in range. But it’s so concentrated that one might think a bomb went off.

Louie probably said something trivial that he thought was an innocent poke of fun. A tease that pushed the wrong button.
But I’d like to know what everyone thinks might be a possible “Berserk Button” for our little Hubert. Please tell me your thoughts.