Spare Blankets

Fandom: Durarara!!
Characters/Ships: Mikaoba; Mikado, Aoba     
Rating: T
Length: oneshot; 3701 words


There were a number of things Aoba would not admit. One was how much Mikado Ryugamine meant to him. 

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(A/N) A very overdue request for some Mikaoba. Hope it was worth the wait!
This got very, very, very out of hand. I regret nothing.
these two are such nerds honestly im dying of second-hand embarrassment

Aoba always walked Mikado home; Mikado always invited him in.

Aoba always declined, thought the precise dialogue exchanged always varied slightly.

Aoba never went straight back to his own house.

Though not in an entirely dreamy or romantic way, Aoba was known to wander the streets of Mikado’s neighborhood for hours after they parted ways. He didn’t explicitly think about his senpai as he walked, but often calculated how long, exactly, it would be before they were together once again. He sometimes paused to look down at his hand, flexing it and remembering the pain of having a pen driven through it.

He would find himself smiling for entirely unknown reasons.

“Won’t you come up tonight?” Mikado asked one night, then hurried to say, “I-I don’t have much to offer, but I-I think there are some rice cakes and adzuki in the cupboard…!”

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