BTOB at Dream Concert 2016 - Remember That and It’s Okay

  • BTOB (Sungjae, Eunkwang) x VIXX (Ken, Leo) x B1A4 (Sandeul) was amazing, also didn’t really expect Sungjae to be included so that was a double surprise
  • Sungjae sounded slower on the video for the special stage, but it was perfect live, it’s weird
  • Melodies were really loud, we sang along to both songs in entirety - I could barely hear BTOB haha. (Also the mics esp when speaking were clearly geared to the TV audience, so we couldn’t make out most of what was being said by the artists) Idk if it was that loud across the stadium, but apparently VIXX side could hear us too.
  • Also, the screaming every time a member appeared on the big screen?!! was no joke esp during the first song, Remember That. Melodies alternated between singing along and cheering lol.
  • I didn’t actually notice Sungjae’s mistake until I watched the video
  • BTOB looked like proud papas hahaha they kept looking at the block where Melodies were sitting at, and you probably saw how wide their smiles were! I know the fanchants were barely audible on the live stream, but it was super loud irl.
  • BTOB kept mentioning Melody!! And also they all posted on insta after the concert was over.
  • BTOB bouncing at the front of the stage during the finale, idk who was the person dancing like crazy in front?!! And then Sungjae jumping on Hyuk, and Changsub making Joy laugh. Also Changsub and Woohyun~
  • Bring binoculars if you go!
130511 Dream Concert - how inspirits make pearl metal gold ocean

Look at the yellow (metal gold) ocean

Did you think that they make those ocean from light stick? no, they didn’t

[TRANS] cause there’s no official lightstick(?),they used their phone light at the back of the balloons so they could make(close to) metal gold ocean.

source: naverblog;me2day on weibo Translated by Me

they worked hard for that!

and i found this 

THEY DID IT! K-Inspirits did all of this to show boys the pearl metal gold ocean, only for them