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A few days ago I found Gideon Emery on twitter and jokingly tweeted him saying “ hi Fenris :)” along with a gif of Fenris raising a bottle of Agriggio   Today he replied saying “cheers!” I started hysterically laughing and shaking. Fenris is one of my favorite Dragon Age characters is the whole franchise. My day is made!            

@bearlytolerable… Where do I even begin? How do I even describe how much I love you? How much you mean to me? Because there are no words that could possibly do the heart bursting amount justice 💕💕💕

I heard my email ping today when I was lay next to my little boys hospital bed and when I looked and it said that I had a personalised video from GDL I screamed! It has been such a rough few days with my poorly little pudding and I could fall asleep standing up but hearing Solas wish me a happy birthday just….. Fucxksjfhsusbcjdaksjfkshs!!! I can’t even!!!

Thank you so much you utterly amazing, wonderful woman!!! You are so special to me and we laugh when we say it because we’ve never even met but I LOVE YOU!!! And it is so true!!

When I entered Solavellan Hell, I didn’t expect to find true friendship here amongst the flames but I did and I am truly blessed to call you my friend.

One day, when the kids are grown up, I am jumping on a plane and I’m going to find you so I can give you the biggest cuddle in the entire universe!! And possibly nibble your ears but oh well!!! 💖💖💖💓💞💓💖💖💖