gif:dragon age


I know Cassandra’s braid is not that long but I keep picturing it as being really
really long, and one day the Inquisitor and companions accidentally see it, she does not see them.  The Inquisitor, Dorian, Sera, Blackwall, Cole are all shocked. And even Varric, Vivienne, and Solas look like they were not expecting it to be that long.

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-Dragon Age
-Legend of Zelda
-Original Art of any kind
-Food or Recipes/cooking, or even aesthetic food stuff. I like food.
-Master Chef/ Master Chef Junior
-Cutthroat Kitchen
-Dungeons & Dragons
-Aoi no Exorcist
-Sailor Moon
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Flowers/plant Aesthetics
-Clouds/Sky Aesthetics
-Cityscape Aesthetics
-Good Mythical Morning
-Steam Powered Giraffe 
-The Hobbit
-Harry Potter
-Studio Ghibli 
-Steven Universe
-Older Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon stuff
-Bob’s Burgers
-Nerdfighteria stuff
-90′s Aesthetic
-Cute dogs (vids, pics, whatever)
-The Office (US) 
-Dank memes

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