Yoseob Interview for S Cawaii

Q. If you’re a lady, who would you choose amongst the BEAST members to be your marriage partner, your boyfriend, your brother, your best friend, your pet?

Marriage partner→ Dongwoon. He’s extremely kind-hearted and delicate. (T/N: He says something else here along the lines of “rule for a husband” I think but since I’m not totally sure I’ll be leaving it out.)
Boyfriend→ Hyunseung. He has good fashion sense. When out on couple get-togethers and I bring him over, he seems like someone I can show off/be proud of.
Brother→ Doojoon. He’s a really good friend. When I’m having it tough, he will ask “What’s going on” and will listen to me.
BFF→ Junhyung. We spend a lot of time together lately, he’s a friend I can talk to even when there’s dissatisfaction/complaints about work..
Pet→ Kikwang. Gives a healing smile, and the face is really cute. The only member I would adore/be cute to. (laughs)

Please note that translations may contain inaccuracies.
CREDITS: @HKRXD (JPN Magazine, SOURCE), 콩콩XD on B-DONG (JPN-KRN), @yongjunna (KRN-EN)