Spent several weeks on this one. I’m not typically one for a lot of details, but that’s how it unfolded. It started off on the thought: How does the Doctor deal with self-image? I wonder what goes through the Doctor’s mind when he/she sees a reflection. It can’t be the same psychological experience of self-awareness that humans feel when they see their reflection. Does (s)he recognize past selves in the same way I always see my 10 year old self in the mirror, even though I am clearly much older and rough around the edges?

These are rhetorical of course. I’m not looking for debate. It’s just a thought that started this digital painting.


You have fear of ending.
You do not see that you end each and every day.
That you die
In love. In sorrow. In doubt. In desire
That you renew you each and every day.
In love. In sorrow. In doubt. In desire.
That you are always other.
That you are always the same.
That you shall die by immense ages.
Until you have no fear of dying.
And then you will be eternal .
Chant VI, Cecilia Meireles

A pencil sketch of Peter Capaldi glowing alarmingly around the fingertips! 😉Who else is anticipating a heartbreakingly beautiful regeneration scene at Christmas 😢😎?