First of all, Maddie Ziegler does not have breasts. Maddie Ziegler has a chest. Her body is that of a child and should be referred to as such. Secondly, this isn’t “the Fappening.” What’s happened to Maddie is a REAL sex crime. Maddie is a child. The fact that someone illegally obtained a video of her topless and released it disgusts me more than I can express in anything but tears. As a child’s advocate and a victim of sexual abuse, I’m heartbroken. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe that this was allowed to happen. That poor girl. That poor little girl.

None of this Maddie’s “fault.” She’s a child, and she should be protected, not shamed. Unbelievable. I’m ashamed to be a part of this “fandom.” It’s sickening to watch a photo/video of a topless child be categorized as “nudes.” There is nothing sexual about this prepubescent twelve year old girl. As I’m writing this I can’t stop crying, and I think maybe that’s something I need to mention. What has happened is horrible. My heart goes out to the Ziegler family, especially Maddie, in the wake of this twisted crime.

I hope to God that they catch whoever did this. It’s sick, just sick.

Me on a date..
  • me:so, what do you think of Draco Malfoy?
  • them:Oh, that snooty blonde kid in Harry Potter? Yeah, I hate him. He's a disgusting little-
  • me, shoving breadsticks into their mouth therefore choking them:Shush, child, go to sleep.

Abby Lee Miller: Upset that her kids don’t have good technique

Abby Lee Miller: Taught most of them


Abby Lee Miller: Wants her children to be “employable and versatile dancers”

Abby Lee Miller: Single-handedly made all the children seem like idiots on the show at one time or another, saying that they aren’t talented


Abby Lee Miller: Favors Maddie

Abby Lee Miller: Wonders why the other children “can’t keep up” with Maddie


Abby Lee Miller: Makes kids learn solos late at night with 8 hours to the competition

Abby Lee Miller: Wonders why children forget, don’t apply corrections, lack energy, etc.


Abby Lee Miller: Gets offended when someone says the choreography on the show is bad.

Abby Lee Miller: Doesn’t choreograph 90% of the routines


Abby Lee Miller: Complains that people owe her money

Abby Lee Miller: Obviously was in debt before the show because she was going into bankruptcy


Abby Lee Miller: Thinks she’s respected in the dance world

Abby Lee Miller: Has lost any ounce of respect teachers had for her


Abby Lee Miller: Hires a teacher to work at her summer booty camp

Abby Lee Miller: Says that teacher is bad


Abby Lee Miller: Thinks she’s respected among the dance world as being a top-notch teacher that has taught every dancer on Broadway while juggling 3 shows/

Abby Lee Miller: Is only respected by 9 year old Dance Moms fans that don’t know better


get to know me meme: favorite male characters (2/10) → seto kaiba

Power… What is power? It’s the only thing you can rely on! 
That’s what! In a fight, everyone else is an enemy! 
Your own strength… Your own power is the weapon you use to crush 
your foes and protect your domain. It’s just like real life… 
You can only count on yourself and yet… The power of unity... 
Could it be that it’s stronger than the power of being alone?

but have you guys seen this