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Prompt 7: Eric Coulter

“You know they’re gonna use things you love against you.”


Y/N- your name

h/c- hair color

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Honestly, I have no idea where this went but I hope you like it.

He watched her take down an initiate without mercy, while she grinned widely at her victory. “You cannot expect brute strength to always be your ally. They bigger they are the harder they fall.” She reached a hand down to the stout initiate smiling at him. “No hard feelings?”

“What’s the point of knocking him on his ass, then asking no hard feelings,” He called, stalking toward the group, grinning internally at the fear across multiple faces. “Don’t tell me you feel bad?”

Eric felt his chest constrict while she stared up at him, no traces of fear on her face. She smiled at him, before turning back to the initiate helping him up. “No, I don’t feel bad. It happens in training. Four, you ready?”

He watched his enemy nod, before he turned back to her. She stepped back to the center of the mat. “Coulter, if you’re not going to help, get off the mat.”

He raised an eyebrow at her, “I’m starting to want you to make me Y/N.”

“I don’t wanna embarrass you Coulter. After all, I was only a point behind you,” She smirked, gesturing for him to move.

“A point which means you still don’t measure up to me. Are you sure you should be teaching this class,” Eric crossed his arms, trying to undermine her.

She still held that smirk on her face and she showed no sign of anger. “The only reason your questioning my authority Coulter, is because you don’t like the way I’m doing things. You think I’m being too soft. You want to fight, but I’m not going to sink down to that. Now get off the mat.”

He held her gaze, while the initiates shuffled nervously.

Eric grinned, before stepping to the side of the mat. One thing he loved more than anything was to try and ruffle her feathers, but he could never seem to get her angry enough. She brushed aside his comments and harsh demeanor never sinking down to yell or argue with him.

“Y/N you take the six and I’ll take the other six,” Four pushed past Eric roughly taking the fearful initiates. Eric sent a glare towards Four, before turning back to the girl who was already beginning her own lesson.  

“Alright, get into pairs of two,” She commanded, while the initiates scrambled to get together.

“Shower up, eat and get some rest. I’ll see you all tomorrow,” She called to them while Eric came up behind her wrapping his arms around her. “Must you always be an ass.”

She elbowed him off of her, before walking over to the mat. “You’re not upset at me Y/N.”

“Of course not. I mean why would someone I love keep telling me that I don’t measure up to him. That requires no anger at all,” She sighed, before unwrapping her fists. “I don’t want to deal with this right now. I’ll see you later.” She tucked her hair behind her ear, leaving the training room. Eric rolled his eyes before stalking towards the dining area. He followed behind her seeing her meet up with her friends.

Eric knew better than to get angry when the man beside her threw his arm around her shoulders. He knew that she belonged to him and the man beside her was no competition to him. Mild irritation had him clenching his fists as he followed them. She sat beside the man, shoving his arm off of her with a smile.

“Why don’t you just tell everyone that she’s yours? Ashamed,” Eric heard Max’s voice ask. He glanced at the dauntless leader.

“What is between us stays between us,” His gruff voice, held irritation as he watched the man beside Y/N brush his hand against her side making her laugh. He gazed at her, everything about her he loved in his own way. He would never be ashamed of her, no matter how stubborn and hard headed she was.

“You were never a private person Eric,” Max teased him, while a grin made it’s way onto Eric’s face. “I’m sure many women can testify to that.”

Eric glanced at the women that he had slept with, before he turned his gaze back to the one who captured his cold heart in her warm hands. While he gazed at her, she turned glancing up at him, giving him a breathtaking smile. She stood up, shoving what was left of the food on her tray towards the man beside her. “Duty calls.” He sent a smirk towards Max, leaving him along with the other leaders.

He leaned against the door, watching her ignore him, as she brushed her h/c hair. “I’m not going to apologize.” She continued to ignore him, brushing the tangles. He rolled his eyes, moving towards her wrapping his arms around her. “Do you remember when I told you, that you were my weakness but I loved you anyway.” She stiffened slightly, before her body relaxed against his. She turned around, her hands stroking his cheeks. She stared into his eyes, nodding. “What did you say to me?”

“You know they’re gonna use things you love against you.” Her quiet voice reached his ears. “If they find out.” He pulled her impossibly closer to him, so much so that he could see the different colors in her curious eyes.

“I want people to know you’re mine,” Eric rested his forehead against her’s. He grinned while her eyes flashed dangerously. “And how I’m yours.”

“So you would allow yourself to be with someone who doesn’t measure up to you,” She hissed, stepping away from him going back to brushing her hair. “Do you honestly think that after that, I’d allow myself to be claimed as a possession.”

Eric groaned, slamming his hand on the door beside him. He was back to square one, she set the brush down. “You’re so damn..” Eric hissed back stopping himself.

“Say it…” She glared at him, before she stepped around him. “I’m going back to my room.”

He clenched his jaw, watching her walk towards the door. “You’re forgetting your knife that you sleep with when you’re alone.” She paused, before turning around to face him.

“How did?” He watched her stutter slightly.

“There’s always a knife on your side of the bed. When I work late and you stay over, you always have the same knife clutched in your palm, but when you hear me you put it off to the side.” Eric replied, moving toward her.  

“How long have you known that I did that,” She whispered, while he sat on the chair beside where she was standing.

“Since the second night you stayed here,” He watched her, as she paced. “I’m guessing it’s a fear of yours to be attacked while your sleeping.”

She laughed, avoiding his eyes. “Both a fear and a reality, I suppose. I didn’t think you caught on.”

“Of course I did. Hell I thought you were going to attack me while we slept,” Eric yawned holding his hand out to her. “Why don’t you have it while I’m with you?”

She took his hand, allowing herself to be pulled onto him. “Because I don’t need it and you didn’t need extra cuts on your body.” She leaned her head against her shoulder. “You’re not the only one who feels vulnerable Eric.” He held her closer kissing the side of her head.

She moved so she was straddling his lap, he grinned at her while he pulled her flush against him. “You’re mine, so don’t pretend you don’t like it when I tell you that,” Eric pressed his lips against her’s in a searing kiss. “I want everyone to know.”

Unexpected: Part 38

The Unknown Chapter Index.

Unexpected Chapter Index

Morgan held herself closer to Eric’s naked chest, pulling up her leg up to his own. Eric held her by the waist as he puller her closer. His rapid heart beat was slowly coming back to normal.

“So…” She said looking up at him

“So what?” He rubbed his fingers on her sides

“How was it?”

Eric looked away for a second, and frowned looking back at her

“What do you mean how was it? It was great baby, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well I don’t know, maybe because I just pushed a baby through it and it might be different coming back?”

Eric tsked his tongue and rolled his eyes, pulling Morgan closer to him

“Bullshit baby, you’re as tight as I remember you” Morgan chuckled and sunk her head back to his chest. “Though that didn’t cut it. I feel like I need more”

“Well, I’m right here” she said motioning at herself with one hand.

“Our three hour window is already gone, Aleks will be awake in no time.”

“We can go again in a few more hours, he’ll probably be awake for a while”

Eric moved his head to kiss Morgan on the head. They remained silent for a while, Eric’s hand slowly caressing her skin.

“What are you thinking about?”

Eric cleared his throat and replied

“I was thinking I need to tell Jay to fix me a meeting with some people in the department, I need them to check what structures we can turn into shelters, how long it’s gonna take and all that”

“You’re seriously thinking about work after you just fucked me?” She lifted her eyes to his

“If I think of something else I’m going to get hard again, and fuck you again, and the baby is going to wake up and we’ll have to stop, I’m not up for that”

Eric held her by the shoulders and pushed her back to his chest, moving her hair out of the way to trace her back and a bit of her neck.

Morgan sighed content and closed her eyes, beginning to feel the first wave of exhaustion curse through her body.

Then, the baby monitor perked up with Aleks’ shriek. Eric chuckled and moved his hand away from her body.

“Told you” he moved Morgan’s leg and sat on the side. “I’ll get him” he put on his boxers and began to walk out, glancing at Morgan who smiled thankful at him. Aleks shrieked again.

Eric walked to the bedroom, finally he had gotten Morgan to make him sleep on it, sentencing that he was not going to have sex with his kid on the same room.

He knew that crying was the only way babies communicated, and Aleks’ cries always made Eric imagine what he was saying. They were always just a little yell to call you, he never actually got to cry. He always pictured something like ‘Hey! Are you gonna pick me up or what?’. That made him smile.

The room was silent when he walked in, being filled by Aleks’ little cry just for one second, then dimming back to silence.

He approached the crib and looked down, it took Aleks a little bit to focus on his dad figure, and when he did he gave him a big all gums smile. He mirrored it and took him in his arms, making him face him.

“How’s my little boy?” He cooed to him, kissing his forehead “hungry?”

He held him vertically on his chest, one hand on his back and another one on his legs, looking down at him. His thumb was trapped viciously in his mouth as he sucked.

Morgan thought it was adorable when he did that, and Eric found it cute too, but they had to cut that habit short and come in terms with starting to calm him down with a pacifier, which made Morgan a little bit upset. Taking the pacifier away was going to be one of those things that were going to be a pain in the ass in the future, like diapers, and breastfeeding. But to Eric it was a matter of training, like everything in his life.

He walked back to the bedroom, where Morgan laid on the bed slipping in her underwear, she pulled a shirt from under the pillow and smiled at Eric when he turned Aleks around to make his face match hers.

Morgan smiled at both of them while Aleks eyes took their time to focus on Morgan on the bed. Eric slowly placed him down next to her and laid back down on the bed.

Morgan laid on her side, looking down at Aleks, whose eyes wondered around the room. She lifted her eyes to Eric, who was already sleeping next to her.

She lifted Aleks and picked up a blanket, taking him to the love seat that looked to the city, she covered them both and smiled, kissing his head while cuddling him closer.

She loved to look out the window, and now she had a little pal with her, Aleks didn’t need much to entertain himself, sometimes he just needed the piece of cloth in his hands, sometimes Morgan’s hands, sometimes a toy. He was at that stage were everything was fascinating, and looking out at the lights of the city was one of his favorite past times.

Morgan used that time to think, she turned to look at Eric from time to time, he was exhausted. Not physically but mentally, he had a target on his back and Christine had the gun full with blanks, she hated that.

She didn’t know what they were going to do in a few hours, all the right choices included Morgan going back to work, Eric wasn’t nowhere near fond of that idea.

She looked down at Aleks again, who had fallen asleep on her lap.

She had a little internal debate wether to put him on the crib next to her bed or to take him back to his own room.

She gave up and took him to his bedroom, making sure the baby monitor worked she placed the received near her bed, climbing up to it and sliding down to lay next to Eric.

He had one arm above his eyes and another one across his chest, so she just cuddled up next to him and waited for him to get closer. It was one of her favorite things about Eric, how unconsciously he always reached out to her.

She just hoped soon he would reached our to her consciously.

Morgan woke up alone in the bed, which was unusual, she always woke up first, then woke up Eric.

She walked out the bedroom wearing only Eric’s shirt, looking at the inside of Aleks’ bedroom to also find it empty. Then she heard a chuckle from the kitchen.

She walked to it and found Eric holding Aleks over his head, the little one was chuckling when Eric downed him to his face and tickled him, leaving Eric also with a big smile on his face.

Morgan smiled herself and quietly retreated back to take a quick shower before eating breakfast.

Eric was always all smiles and playful with Aleks when they were alone, she had caught him playing with him too many times, but as soon as she walked in the view he was back to being serious, still a great father, but serious.

“Morning you two” she said walking to Eric and kissing his forehead “he woke you up?”

“Yeah, you were sleeping like a rock”

“Well, I took care of him last night after you fell asleep like a rock” she sat down and Eric moved Aleks on his lap to face Morgan, she smiled at his and pinched his cheek

“You’ll have to help me out today” he said, Morgan looked down at her coffee, Eric probably heard her and prepared it

“I don’t drink coffee in the morning” she said, still taking it

“You’ll need it”

“What will I be doing exactly?”

“Don’t know yet” he said thoughtful, leaning in to kiss Aleks in the back of the head. “There’s a lot I have to think about”

Morgan just nodded, reaching out to take Aleks from his lap and placing it on hers.

“Go get ready, I’ll feed him and we’ll head out” Eric nodded and stood up. Morgan settled Aleks to feed him, while finishing her own breakfast.

“Will you be a good boy today?” She cooed looking down at him, touching his nose “I know you always are, but you’ll have to be extra good today. Daddy needs us” she saw Aleks smile, and felt Eric’s hands on her shoulders.

Morgan lifted her head to receive a kiss on her forehead.

They got ready to leave, Morgan hung a baby carrier on her chest and strapped Aleks in it.

“Back to this song and dance”

Eric smirked at her and opened the door.

“When it’s your turn to hold him I’ll get you a shirt that says ‘I can still punch you while holding this baby’” he chuckled and walked next to her.

“I’ll find you in a few hours, not more than three to check up on you. If he’s asleep I can take care of him for a while”

“You do what you have to, I can multitask” she winked at him while walked to the adjacent hallway to split up.

“I don’t want you to multitask” he said over his shoulder walking the opposite direction.

He headed down to talk with Jay and Johan, both of them were going out the dinning room to their respective works, Peter was dragging behind.

“You two to my office” he said pointing at both of them and walking down the hall

“You’re going to get rammed” Peter said patting both Jay and Johan’s back.

“Might as well kill thee birds with one stone Peter, to my office” he said without stopping.

Once they were in Eric looked at Peter.

“I want you to let the other faction members know that I’m heading out to the Department to start some contingency plan regarding the new settlement. When you’re done with that help Morgan in whatever she needs.”

“Morgan is working again?”

“Much to my distaste, yes.” He moved his eyes to Johan. “I need at least two teams of dauntless to come with us, just in case something happens along the way, if we get attacked” Johan just nodded and turned to leave, Peter following behind. “We need to convince the Department to help us with the shelter building. And we have to convince them to send troops again.”

“They were very explicit when they said only Morgan” Jay replied.

“We have to convince them. If there’s a breakout outside the city and the Department can’t handle them I’m not so sure our own troops can hold out”

“I’m sure they can, all the sudden you’re not?”

“It’s not all the sudden I have a baby now” he said sitting down and letting out a sigh “no matter what I do, I can’t be there when they need me, if some thing happens I have to be the first line of defense, and if I die I’ll like to make sure that Morgan and Aleks end up well protected”

Jay nodded and turned around to leave the office as well, leaving Eric to look a the growing collection of pictures he had on his desk. They began with Morgan’s gift, and had only expanded to pictures of Aleks sleeping, or candids he had taken of Morgan when she wasn’t aware, just her looking down at Aleks with a little smile.

The door knocked again. He stood up and walked to it, opening it and exiting while talking to Johan.

“I can have two teams, but it’s going to take me a while, an hour at most.” Eric nodded and turned around

“I’ll let Morgan know”

To all y'all liberal kids that are getting icky feelings about punching Nazis and other forms of violent protest:

Voldemort was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Darth Vader was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Jeanine Matthews and the Eurydice faction were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

President Snow and the government of Panem were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

The Homeworld Gems were stopped from destroying Earth by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

I mean damn. One Piece, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, we can stretch it and say The Silmarillion, Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia, Animorphs, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron, I could probably name more if I had time, all this has in common is that the bad dudes with power WILL NOT GIVE THEIR POWER UP. EVER. It had to be TAKEN from them.

If y'all can understand this and relate to fictional characters, why can’t you do this to your fellow humans in real life?? Y'all are supporting the Death Eaters, the Empire, the bad guys you say you hate. Get your priorities in order. Get over that “Non-violence” bullshit.

I never saw Princess Leia shake hands with the Sith.

When you’re so obsessed with something like a book or TV show and you love and ship the characters and you love the cast and you know so much about them. Then that feeling when you realise you’re slipping away from the fandom, when you loose interest even though you don’t want to, that feeling after a few months or years looking back in the fandom and missing it because the cast/characters were like your friends and the fandom was amazing and everything about it was great and just wow, you miss it so much.

Not Her

Eric x Reader

“He’s here again.” Your friend whispered as you hurried out of the lab you’d been in, following her gaze to the group of Dauntless that had gathered on the floor below.

You smiled when he glanced up at you, smirking as he shook his head, turning his attention back to whoever was showing him around.

“You want me to cover so you can sneak out?” Your friend asked when they started to move though the building and Eric threw a glance at you.

“Thanks.” You whispered, hurrying to the usual spot.

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you were mid conversation with Eric when someone tapped you on the shoulder. the girl was about your size, “you. me. fighting ring.” she stated.

Eric rolled his eyes. “she will not be joining you in the ring.” he stated.

“and why is that?” the girl glared at him.

“because you are bellow her and if you get in that ring with her you will be leaving on a stretcher.”  Eric said, “now leave. and dont be this stupid again or i’ll have to show you the consequences of idiocy.”