Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 26: Favorite Kokoshnik Tiara

The Westminster Kokoshnik

I LOVE this tiara!! Ugh I would kill to be in Beanie Major’s place and have the chance to wear this beauty. (Ok not kill, I’m not crazy…mostly, but you catch my drift.) So why do I love it?

  1. It’s blue!!
  2. It just screams princess with it’s shape (I know all kokoshniks do but w/e)
  3. It has delicate diamond work that isn’t overpowering
  4. It’s unique 

So if the current unknown owner wants to give me a birthday present (3 days late but I’ll forgive you) I’m totally good with this hand-me-down. ;)


Extremely Rare Viking Gilt Knotwork Nobleman’s Diadem, 9th-12th Century AD

This band probably held a cloth head scarf or covering in place and, according to the material, would have denoted social and marriage status. Head coverings were typically worn by women, though headbands were also worn by men of high social status. The majority for women were perhaps as simple as a knotted kerchief over the head, which was suggested by finds at the Oseberg ship burial.

The Rígsþula (verse 2) says that even women of the lowest class wore a headdress. A number of different kinds of head-coverings for women are mentioned in the sagas, some of which are elaborate headdresses, which may have been worn like jewelry on special occasions. The Laxdæla saga (chapter 45) tells of a headdress given by Kjartan to his bride Hrefna as a wedding gift which had eight ounces of gold woven into the fabric. It has been suggested that the type of headdress worn served to distinguish married from unmarried women. Caps of cotton and wool have been found in archaeological contexts in Dublin, and a fine tasseled hood was found in the Orkney isles. Other materials were used, such as silk for the wealthy, of which examples have been found at York and Lincoln.

Wonderfully Royal has graciously allowed me to host the Royal Tiara Challenge this year.  If you would like to look back at last year’s or perhaps still participate in it search the tag #RoyalTiaraChallenge16.  This year’s challenge will begin on February 1st and is a mix of old and new prompts.  Everyone’s welcome to participate even if it’s only for part of it.  Please use the tag #RoyalTiaraChallenge17

  1. Favorite Amethyst Tiara
  2. Favorite Aquamarine Tiara
  3. Favorite Emerald Tiara
  4. Favorite Pearl Tiara
  5. Favorite Ruby Tiara
  6. Favorite Sapphire Tiara
  7. Favorite Turquoise Tiara
  8. Favorite Tiara Made From Unusual Materials
  9. Favorite Belgian Tiara
  10. Favorite British Tiara
  11. Favorite Danish Tiara
  12. Favorite Dutch Tiara
  13. Favorite Japanese Tiara
  14. Favorite Jordanian Tiara
  15. Favorite Liechtenstein Tiara
  16. Favorite Luxembourgian Tiara
  17. Favorite Monegasque Tiara
  18. Favorite Moroccan Tiara
  19. Favorite Norwegian Tiara
  20. Favorite Spanish Tiara
  21. Favorite Swedish Tiara
  22. Favorite Thai Tiara
  23. Favorite Fringe Tiara
  24. Favorite Floral Tiara
  25. Favorite Wreath Tiara (ivy, laurel, myrtle, olive, vine)
  26. Favorite Kokoshnik Tiara
  27. Favorite Meander/Greek Key Tiara
  28. Favorite “Lost” Tiara
  29. Favorite Non-Royal Tiara
  30. Favorite Tiara Appearance of 2016

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