Fighting for things is intimidating. #GamerGate is intimidating and confusing.

… yes. No one wants to be in the wrong. And even though you may not know it, you’re worried of being corrected. You’re worried that some random article on the internet is skewing you (as they eat cappuccino chips) in the wrong direction.

I’ve stayed away -for this long- for those reasons. Fear not, fellow stranger, for I’ve tried to become a voice in the masses for you to feel human with. I have no agenda. I serve no purpose to get paid off of, in fact, I serve my childhood. I refuse to taint those memories with agendas. So my only purpose here is to give you an un-bias opinion.

Here goes.

I grew up playing video games with my brother. It was obvious from the get-go that he was more passionate than I. But I played, and over time I realized just how much they mattered to me. The feeling of being submerged into another world where you’re left to your own abilities and decisions - I was hooked. I was obsessed. I remember countless nights in N64’s 007, Bomberman, Turkok, Zelda, Super Mario 64, Diablo, Primal, … with friends. With family. Family. Gaming became synonymous with nostalgia for me. And now we fast-forward.

I’m an adult. As adults do, I form my own opinions on things. Some of which involves research. I check before I buy. No matter the sway, buying anything for a hobby (see: passion) is expensive. So, I not only research, but I double-research and limit my researches to those I trust. Gaming journalists (will not yet name who) are among the first I visit. Their job is to apply their experiences to the various gaming mechanics, story line, graphics, and seemingly plausibility I depend on - with my hard-earned cash. And now here, my fellow readers, I reach my impasse.

You see, they’ve decided to misdirect us.

Let me put it in layman’s terms for everyone: When people start asking difficult questions towards someone, if they’re worried about their image or profit or credibility they’ll INSTEAD focus attention elsewhere - off of them. So they don’t have to answer for anything and do it again in the future.

(That’s what #gamergate is about.)

Those things they’re avoiding? Nepotism. Corruption. Lying. Bias opinions and bribery.

That misdirection I talked about? Wanna know what they’re misdirecting us to? The feminist issue in gaming. Listen here guys, I’m a girl. I enjoy painting my fingernails and my account on Pinterest - and gaming since I was old enough to form coherent ragequit plays envious of broadway. I agree that we need to cool it on over-sexualization on female figures in gaming. I also believe that some sexualization is okay, and necessary. But here’s the biggest issue of this post: those things should be left for another day. Another hashtag. Another cause.

‘Cause what you don’t realize, what these journalist and editors are depending on, is your ignorance of the issue. They WANT you to be confused, conflicted, and choose the “higher cause of feminism in gaming” over their own faults and mistakes. Clever shit, isn’t it? Shady motherfuckers.

Another side-effect (err, tactic) of this approach from “journalists” is for you to jump on the bandwagon against all men in the cause of #gamergate and ultimately, with out opinion, shun what they say.

Let me tell you how FUCKED this is.

My brother, who I grew up gaming with, is an intelligent man. He educated me on most of what is going on in gamergate and not ONCE did he suggest women had anything to do with it except to be a coverstory. Let me tell you that again in another light: he was not avoiding feminist issues, in fact, he is for them 100%. The thing is, these shitty self-entitled gaming “journalists” decided it was in their best interests to hide being male figures in gaming. Because males = misogynists apparently. According to their “agenda”. My own brother, who could be one of the best voices of reason, has to stick to the shadows because he can’t deal with the stess of these assholes.

These assholes who would rather harm actual gamers than deal with the consequences of accepting favors for reviews and overall life the “high life” of journalists with out a single credibility mark for their writing. 

This is why I tweet #notyourshield and #gamergate - because behind every screen is a human being who is the star of their own story. Some of them save face by misdirection. But #gamergate is about focusing on that misdirection, Do we ever stop to figure out if we’re being let-on? And WHO we’re being directed to? My brother, is who. Who is a decent fucking human being. Who supports me, women, gaming, stories, but doesn’t support the exploitation used against him - and in effect - us. We’re fucking pawns to these journalists. Gambling with fucking lives because of money. 

You’re a voice, I am a voice. Together we make #gamergate. Together, whether now or in years, we make  change. Don’t forget your precious voice is an opinion. Your memories matter, your passion matters.

We, as gamers, are the first generations of this new voice. These are new waters of morals and we need to fight for standards that generations will follow. Retweet this. Share your own story. Show we are people who deserve the human experience of opinion and experience - not regurgitated shit for money.

Bless you all, those who fight for our passion. I love you.