Making some progress!

I finally fixed the damn hovering, the player can now go up and down terrain (quite) smoothly. I completed this by having a ray cast shooting down (relative to the players transform) and then added a force that was the same direction as the hit.normal of the ray cast.

More soon.


Baz, Dev and Niall

“Dev and Niall, bless them, act like I’ve arrived eight minutes late to breakfast, instead of eight weeks. Dev nudges Niall, and Niall gives me a bored once-over, then moves the teapot away from my spot, which they’ve left empty. Good men.”

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It’s finally time! So as many of you might have guessed from my not so subtle posts the last couple of weeks, I’m making a game!

I’ve teamed up with a brilliant composer to make Paper Arthur, a lovingly hand-crafted RPG. The game is a tribute to all of the magical titles that made me want to become a game developer in the first place. In it you’ll explore a lush world, meet quirky companions, and fight even quirkier baddies!

There will be an alpha demo of the game available this Friday, and a Kickstarter shortly after that. Until the Kickstarter there will be daily updates and behind the scenes posts, so stick around if you want to see more. ; D

Destroy the Humans

So I had an absolute hell of a time trying to figure out some things with playing particles in code but eventually came around to getting an “alright” workaround.

Today I added impact particles, a basic health component for Humans/Interactable objects, and a random mesh selection for the human models.

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Squiggle, still kicking, still alive (barely). I took a break briefly as admob reward videos were getting to me and instead chose to focus on some more feedback and minor things.

Pretty new particles! Made some more visual colour changes and gem pickup, still tweaking these to not be overwhelming. Using unity particles is also something I haven’t played around with much so this was also a good test with them. WIth this I also added a tiny screen shake when you die, this will need a little tweaking but it looks good for now.

I also added tonnes of tiny animations such as a little bounce to your score total when you get a point, a grow and shrink ping pong for the ‘tap to play’ on the main menu and probably like at least 3 more.

I replaced some of the hard to see colour palettes with more vibrant, distinct colours such as the following.



The biggest issue still looming over me is admob reward videos, I have banner ads working no worries but the reward videos just aren’t having any of it. 

I also have small bugs with flicking colours which I ‘think’ I’ve fixed but it works fine for a while before breaking again so I have no idea what’s happening.

Lastly I haven’t implemented audio yet as I do want to spend a lot of time on that and I worry that if I spend too long on that I might end up pushing the release date further back than I anticipated.

There was never a goal so to speak to release this game quickly, learning from other games I might as well spend more time here making it pretty before releasing it then worrying about prettying it up afterwards.

Hence my release date ideal goal is in a months time, this may be pushed back but no longer than 2 months. On this as well there is no way it’ll be released before the month is up, if I think it is ready early I’ll bust out some more testing and iterations before releasing it.

replace y/n with your name //  requested by @weascleys // enjoy :) 

There was a loud mix of indecipherable babble that radiated off the students rushing across Hogwarts grounds. The winter air was almost blocked with the blanket of body heat buzzing between the group of them. But as the students began filling into their respective classrooms and emptying the halls, y/n pulled at the sleeves of her cardigan, pulling the yellow and red stripes as low as she could to hide her hands from the cold. She held her books tightly too her and increased her pace, shuddering against the wind that swooped though Hogwart’s beautifully open architecture. So focused on reaching her destination alongside the other scattered Gryffindors who shared her schedule, she didn’t notice a sneaky boy on the prowl towards her, slipping his hand around her upper arm and causing her to jump. “George!” Her startled tone was compromised by the grin they exchanged between them as she accepted the welcomed warmth of the hug he was pulled her swatting hands into.

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Hey! I recently added a cool system to Kerfuffle, which I later found out to already exist in a Street Fighter game. 

Anyway, the idea is that you sort of remove the balance from your character for about 10-15 seconds. Meaning you can cancel any attack into any other attack, and you can dash or jump cancel any attack! This allows for custom combos. The damage scaling is pretty high so its not like you just get to kill someone flat out, and getting optimal damage is still tricky and requires a bit of skill. 

To balance this out a bit, players do have a combo breaker that they can use two times per match. However, these combo breaker “tokens” as they are called, can also be spent to do a super move instead. 

Choose wisely.