gif:demi lovato


Can we take a moment to appreciate this transformation? Its not about her looks, its about the confidence and self love she got throughout these past 4 years. The main difference between those pics is her confidence glo up look at her shes literally glowing now

The Signs as Demi Lovato Songs (Tell Me You Love Me)
  • Aries: Sexy Dirty Love
  • Taurus: Only Forever
  • Gemini: Games
  • Cancer: Ruin the Friendship
  • Leo: Sorry Not Sorry
  • Virgo: Concentrate
  • Libra: Tell Me You Love Me
  • Scorpio: Cry Baby
  • Sagittarius: Hitchhiker
  • Capricorn: You Don't Do it For Me Anymore
  • Aquarius: Lonely
  • Pisces: Daddy Issues