Leon through the years
  • RE2 Leon: Why's Ada gone?
  • RE4 Leon: Why's Ashley Gone?!
  • RE Degen: Why's Angela NOT gone?
  • RE Damn: Why's the Sample gone?
  • RE6: Why's the President gone?
  • RE Vendetta: WHY IS THE RUM GONE?!

Degeneration was bad but here are the pros for a role swap au w/the millers

- Curtis as an undercover agent disguised as a homeless man (either Leon or Claire gives him 2 dollars before the outbreak and he gives it back later)

- Angela being the most forgettable character imaginable works in with her role as a terrorist
b/c she tries not to be noticed

- Angela as a good-ass G monster

- Curtis ends the movie standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean wearing the worst dress shirt imaginable


Leon and Claire - Resident Evil Degeneration OST