The Justice League Unlimited episode For the Man Who Has Everything has the distinction of being the only adaptation of Alan Moore’s work that Moore himself has actually gone on record of liking.

Which is no mean feat, considering Alan Moore’s negative opinion of pretty everything DC-related from the 1990s onwards. It’s not, strictly speaking, a panel by panel adaptation of the comic though, as there are a number of differences, such as both Batman and Wonder Woman arriving to give Superman actual birthday presents, while in the cartoon they go with a “Bruce gave Clark cash for a present” joke… Though the idea of Superman being hard to shop for does lead to a titledrop, so you can’t really fault them there.

Also, the fact that Jason Todd didn’t exist in the DCAU means that this scene couldn’t happen either.

Bruce Timm to Produce New Justice League Series (x)

Whoa! DCAU mastermind Bruce Timm will executive producer a new digital Justice League cartoon for Machinima to debut in spring of 2015. Titled Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, it will be be co-produced by his Batman: The Animated Series partner Alan Burnett.

Originally announced as another DC direct-to-home video animated movie, Gods and Monsters Chronicles will now be a three-part digital series; according to Comic Book Resources it’s an original story by Timm which has nothing to do with the 2001 Justice League comic of the same name. 

“‘Chronicles’ is said to revolve around a newly conceived reality in the DC universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are much darker versions of the superheroes that people know.”