Vegeta and Goku and the rest in a suit are BACK as cards!!! 

Dragon Ball FighterZ Nappa & Ginyu shown with a brand new full art image of the group as well

SEXY Dragon Ball Super manga volume 4 cover is revealed! 


Bulma defending the Father of her son.  (Dragon Ball Z - Episodes 131 and 133)

She looks really offended by the Yarijobee’s insults toward Vegeta (and there are still people who think that she does not love Vegeta in DBZ).

Yarijobee’s reactions are really funny xD 

Also, from the DBZ she used the name of her husband as a threat.

anonymous asked:

how old is goku and veggie in dragon ball heroes or online whatever? i like that ending way better

Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Online are two seperately different products.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Xeno Goku and Vegeta…it’s not said how old they are but I’d chalk it up to their current ages in Super with Goku being 43 (While physically being around 39) while Vegeta is 48 (While phyiscally 53).

In Dragon Ball Online, it was said how they had they had their battle their final battle in Age 801 so then Goku would be 60 while Vegeta would be 74. 

Conceptual Art of Bulma: DBZ’s Design VS. DBS’s Design

Comparative study of differents style of Bulma’s art conceptual: Interestingly changes between Bulma designs along the series.

There’s a big difference in the proportions of both series. In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma’s eyes were drawing excessive big and large to camparation her eyes on Dragon Ball Super. The physical from DBZ was corpulent (Typical of the 80′ series), she had more boobs and waist. Instead, the current Bulma is more stylized and slin.