I love this 😍
And their voices gradually became lower through the years😭 They’ve grown up so fast


✧*。 ♡ Happy 10th Anniversary to the Kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG! 2006.08.19 ♡ 。*✧

I’m sure we’ve said it on stage before, but once this is no longer fun, we’ll quit. That’s the promise the 5 of us have always made to each other. In the future, the genre of music we like may change, but as long as we’re still enjoying it, it’s okay. Besides that, we haven’t decided anything about the future. But precisely because we haven’t decided anything, we have no limits. That’s what BIGBANG is all about.” – Daesung ©


“You five are just like trees of different kinds. GD is the kind of tree which can grow very beautiful and have attractive flowers, T.O.P. is the kind of tree which is strong enough to withstand any difficulties, Taeyang is the tree that can grow strong even when left on his own. Daesung is the one which can bear a lot of fruits and Seungri is a small tree which can grow up to be very broad and strong.” - YG

Happy 10th anniversary, BIGBANG! #BIGBANG10 #ADecadeWith빅뱅