Daesung should start charging for fans to touch him
$50 for one side of the face
$90 per bicep
$150 per pec
$300 for abs with both hands
Any lower requires a booking in advance and an upfront payment of $600

Sometimes it seems like Kang Daesung is almost the forgotten member of BigBang but he is gorgeous, has an exquisite voice and is hilarious and an all around amazing entertainer. I love him. GD is my bias in BB but at the NJ Made concert I found Daesung to be something of a bias wrecker with his dance moves and dirty jokes (lol) not to mention awesome solo stage singing Wings. It was a great change of pace for the concert after all the, well, GD&TOPness. He’s a really adorable, talented guy.

You know…*clears throat* it’s not like BigBang will disappear forever *adjusts coat* it’s ONLY Top first…*wipes sweat*…we still have MADE album…*clench fists*…There will be solos and such *shifts*…We can do this…We can WAIT like we waited before…*wipes tears* WE ARE STRONG…the boys will eventually come back *sobs uncontrollably* *falls to the floor* WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US CRUEL WORLD??!!?!!