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Fenris angrily goes up to Merrill explaining to her battle tactics and strategy 'cause she's not used to fighting in a group

The last slaver erupted into flames, Fenris leapt back only narrowly avoiding the flames burning into his leather armor. His breath caught in his throat, blinking hard as he scanned the field for what could have possibly caused that. He suspected a rogue mage with a bad aim, or a demon crawling over the crags, but instead he just saw- Oh. 

The elf was relaxing her shoulders, making some inane comment about the battle. Fenris shouldered his blade, cursed under his breath and marched towards her. Merrill noticed and almost squeaked as she brought her staff up to guard herself, he heard Hawke say his name in surprise before he reached her. The staff shook in her hands before he grabbed it, easily pulling it from her hands and tossing it aside.

“I know you are not accustomed to fighting alongside friends,” Fenris hissed the last word, scowling down at Merrill who looked more like a frightened rabbit than a mage. “but perhaps you would be smart enough not to ignite an enemy one of your warriors is in close combat with.”

“Fenris,” Hawke called, “She made a mistake, leave her be.”

“No.” Fenris wouldn’t turn away from the elf, “You are severely lacking in tactics. You choose your spells poorly, you routinely block me from engaging with my targets and you never put up barriers at the critical moments. You’re impossible.”

Confusion was clear on Merrill’s face as she looked from Fenris to their friends and back, “I’m sorry?” She tried, “I’m doing my best to learn.”

“No you are not.” Fenris stepped back, gave her some breathing room. “You have no idea what I’m even talking about. You have to support your team in combat, especially those of us in the front lines.”

“H-how should I?” Merrill was still racked with confusion as she timidly picked her staff from the ground, “I didn’t realize I was doing so badly, I’m not sure how I could-”

Fenris almost groaned out loud, but held it in, “I’ll teach you.” He said quietly, ignoring the look of suprise on Merrill’s face and the small murmur of the others, “I spent my whole life and all my training fighting alongside magic, and I would prefer to not get any more ‘friendly’ fire from you.”


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