• Me, playing inquisition on a used ps3:my game freezes if i try to fight more than 5 enemies at a time, I save every 3 minutes, I don't walk in this part of skyhold because it makes my save file glitch, I can't download any patches that were created after early 2015, I am waiting for death.
  • A person with a decent system:are you ok?
  • Me, with a single tear, staring at a frozen screen with the sound of sera's glitching voice saying 'piss' repeatedly:no

this is so surreal to me…this person has been roleplaying as the other mother on deviantart for 7 years. When i was into coraline i would interact with her a lot (cause i was gay as heck 4 her i didnt realize it at the time but) but here she is 7 years later complimenting my picture of cutiefly putting on angry eyebrows…

how did i not realize i was gay for her…i drew this cOMPLETELY unaware

i think my favorite thing about the dragon age fandom is how oc-centric it is

like i came to this from marvel fandom, where every oc is generally regarded as mary sue, it’s shameful to post a lot about your ocs, and if you have an entire fanfiction dedicated to them it’s like “wow honey self-insert much”

like there wasnt a lot of oc positivity in marvel (and i actually met and made a friend with someone on the basis that they weren’t like everyone else about ocs)

but then there’s the da fandom. everyone has ocs. they’re our babies. we make gif edits for them, we ship them with canon characters, we are so proud of them, we write fanfictions wholly revolving around them and their romances, and we all talk to each other about it! we send each other asks about our ocs, we might make art for each other, we support our friends and their fics!

it’s just really great to see a community that’s as oc-centric as i’ve always wanted