I’m getting really sick of DeviantArt’s shit. Forget the art thieves, the adopt thieves, the scammers, the base makers, the shit art trolls, all of that.

Let’s talk about the staff. DeviantArt staff are literally some of the worst people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with other than Pesterchum users. I don’t know who took over the hierarchy, but ever since the logo change, shit has been going to hell.

The logo is where it all started. For YEARS, it looked like this

Now, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but it was iconic. Recognizable. Everyone knew that was the DA logo.

Then, sometime last year, they changed it to

Not only is it ugly, unrepresentative, and make the website look imbecilic, but it also has a very uncanny resemblance to

This is a russian website called platzkart, which has been around since 2006. 

DeviantArt staff might (assuming they explain themselves at all) tell you that this Z shape is just a weird cropped version of 


But then why not just keep it that way? It holds relevance, it could be representative. But instead, DA staff decided to steal a logo from another website.

Shortly after a small number of users called them out on it, just recently in fact, they posted a huge journal of sorts, talking about how “if it’s online, it can’t technically be stolen, because stealing means you’re physically taking it”, and how “copying is okay”.

A lot of users misunderstood this announcement they were making, seeing only what the staff wanted them to see. What they didn’t realize that not only were staff saying “We’re not doing shit about people who steal art from other users on our site”, but they were also bragging about how they didn’t think they could get in trouble for stealing a logo.

So what did they do next, after nobody called out their bullshit?????

They stole another logo.

They changed Premium Memberships to something called

Core. Core Membership. What does “Core” even mean? And more importanty why the bright orange star? Well, I can tell you why.

This is the icon for Soundcloud’s “Pro Membership”. Other than the color placement, they’re identical. A circle, with a round-tipped star, with each point the same distance from the circle’s edge as the other icon, and even the same shade of orange.

For one, orange is not, and never has been, part of DA’s color scheme. It’s always been a partially desaturated green, be it light or dark. There’s no logical explanation for them to suddenly throw bright orange onto a light, pale green background. It looks awful, and that’s on a website that’s all about artistic skill. Which includes color coordination. 

The only possible explanation is that the staff are addicted to stealing because it means they can make changes without creating new ideas for themselves.

What if in dai

1. instead of just samson/calpernia, you had the option to have Hawke as antagonist. The only way it would be is if the inquisitor sided with the opposite side Hawke did in da2.

2. Hawke have to stay in the fade, the inquisitor goes on and kills corypheus. Turns out Corypheus wasn’t the final boss. A nightmare possessed hawke is.

dragon age romance?

Who should I romance in DA:I… I can’t pick. I kinda have a headcannon of my quiz being really interested in Solas because she really has a curiosity about the Fade… but I get this feeling… that a Solas romance ends badly?? She flirted with Blackwall and I was like “Eeeehhhh”, so idk… Iron Bull seems like fun but my little elf.. I don’t know.. Maybe Cullen??? Maybe Sera???
DeviantArt CORE membership: Go back to the original PMs!
CORE is just paid memberships with.... Extreme prices A horrible logo No advantage Less perks Stop DeviantArt from ripping you off! Maybe we can change this back to the way it used to be!

Please, please just sign this. I don’t care if you barely go on dA, just, sign this. Utter chaos is going on ever since the whole CORE membership started.

Actually, utter chaos has been going on in dA for the entire time I’ve been on there(4 years).

If you don’t know, CORE membership has replaced the previous Premium membership on dA. Most people strived to get Premium via points or straight out paying.

How much money did we have to pay for Premium for a year? $20. Understandable and reasonably priced for the longest time.

How much does CORE cost? A whopping $50!

$50 for the exact same features as Premium. Or at least the same features that people use.

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I don’t wanna sound mean but people who draw Merrill with a small up turned pixie nose… Please stop.
She pretty clearly has a long flat noses, like Fenris and other elves.
It’s not a tiny pixie nose.
Not all girls need a teeny tiny pixie nose.
She has a long flat nose and triangular face. Not a pixie nose and chubby baby cheeks.
I know some people can be like “but my style!” But please, branch out. It’s GOOD to try different face shapes. Especially one as unique as Merrill’s.