The important thing to remember about Sten is that he is a master troll. He says shit that, if you take seriously, is really mean and threatening, but if you call out his bullshit or troll him right back or stick to your guns, you gain massive amounts of approval.

During a conversation you have with him about tamassrans, where the Warden can act surprised that priests raise kids and not their parents, Sten just SNARLS and says “It obviously didn’t work for you.”

Which is fucking RUDE. And you can act offended or hurt


You can literally just say “Cute.” WHICH JUST RADIATES SARCASM and Sten smiles (yes, smiles) and cheerfully (yes, cheerfully) says “I liked it” This motherfucker was trolling you the entire time

Sten is a troll, take everything he says with a grain of salt. When you give him a taste of his own medicine, he’s really just a weird dork.

Modern Sera Aesthetics

-Two day old mascara, today’s eyeliner
-mismatched laces in scuffed combat boots
-undefeated beer-pong champion
-rotating set of bruises, black eyes, split lips, torn knees, scraped elbows and bloody knuckles
-longboards everywhere
-eats peanut butter out of the jar in public
-denim vest covered in buttons
-snores on the bus
-inappropriate roller derby name
-uncanny ability to predict when something will become a meme/go viral
-perpetually cracked but somehow still functional phone
-able to couch surf for weeks without sleeping on the same couch twice
-wears flannel shirts like jackets


Heyyyyy My smelly birb apostate this time!


Just so y'all know, justice/vengeance is gonna get a separate set of 10

Modern Josephine Aesthetics

-colour coded, highlighted, post-it-noted weekly planner
-carries extra pair of stockings in her purse in case she gets a run
-highly organized, painstakingly tagged Pinterest board
-goes to spinning class twice a week, at 5:30 in the morning before work
-bobby pins with little metal filigree flowers, abstract designs holding her bun in place
-entire wardrobe composed of soft golds, bright blues, creams and matte blacks, to make co-ordinating both easier and cheaper
-gets bright red and giggly a few drinks in
-you have 17 mutual friends on Facebook
-Clearly wearing lipstick, never leaves lipstick marks on anything
-talks with hands, and whatever happens to be in them, pen, phone, coffee, fork, folder of classified government documents
-tiny delicate white earbuds, playing cheerful acoustic music
-medium london fog and a blackberry Danish to go, please
-serial multi-part texter