Okay but years in the future after the Inquisition has gone down in history

some guy: the inquisitor herself saved my great great grandmother from corypheus’ army the night Haven was destroyed

everybody: :OOOOO

Some other guy: the inquisitor personally found and returned my great grandpa’s lost drufalo once

everybody: shut the fuck up elmer that didn’t happen

Halla subspecies chart! :D Because I refuse to believe they all look the same.

Took some liberties with the designs, especially antler-wise and with coat patterns. Had a blast doing this!

Common Halla - Very docile and shy, these halla will flee immediately if approached. They live in familiar groups with up to 100 individuals during the cold seasons, relying on numbers for protection against predators. Both genders have antlers, and the coat coloration varies slightly from region to region.

“Golden” Halla - These, although not being the most common, are the best known subspecies in Thedas, in no small part due to their connection to the dalish. Closely related to the common variety, they retain their shy nature, but have grown larger and developed a beautiful white coat. There are almost no individuals in the wild, though there have been some sightings. Some dalish believe seeing a wild one is a blessing from Ghilan'nain.

Pigmy Halla - These little cuties are the smallest of the subspecies, and ironically, the boldest. Gifted with the ability to perform powerful jumps and complicated maneuvers, these halla will sometimes taunt and provoke predators just before darting away in an attempt to tire them. Living in small groups, they inhabit the warmer corners of Thedas.

Highland Halla - These are the descendants of the mighty steeds the old elven Knights rode into battle. Larger than the others, they are still highly regarded among the dalish. With sharp senses and a calm demeanor, the Highlands are solitary animals who dwell on the high mountains and cold forests of the south.

Common “Red” Hart - The harts are a distant cousin of the halla. These spirited giants are extremely rare and hard to find, and most encounters are brief and dangerous. They are territorial and will see anything as a potential threat, charging immediately. It is said that those who can befriend and even ride a Hart are chosen ones, protected by the gods themselves.

All of the above (except for the harts, I guess?) have their place in dalish clans all across Thedas, depending on where the clans are from. I like to imagine the elves have adapted as the animals did, and the way they move around and live largely depends on this.

isn’t anyone going to say anything about leliana, cullen and josephine sharing a room in haven?
like, i visited it today with my inquisitor and on top of cullen’s bed there is a book with what i suppose is the chant of light or whatev. and his bed is bigger. DOES HE GET ANNOYED WHEN JOSIE AND LELIANA TALK DURING THE NIGHT? have they heard him and his nightmares? does this mean cullen gets to see them in their pjs? i need answers

edit: people are saying cassandra is the one sleeping there but… we will never know. since there are three beds i thought that they must be for the advisors.