Please, watch this MV and support these boys. I don’t want this to be their last comeback.


CROSS GENE (크로스진) ‘끼 (Kki)’ Dance Practice

Cross Gene’s comeback

So, as we all expected, it’s coming up. Very soon. What we know so far…

- Takuya said in this Vlive from May 24th, that their new album is almost ready.
- The members have said multiple times that we just need to wait a little bit longer.
- They’ve said their comeback would be in Summer.
- Yesterday at the special invitation event, when fans asked what color they’d choose for the next album, 2 or 3 members chose pastel colors. (possible soft concept?)
- They were asked to give some hints about the new album concept but they said they have to keep it a secret until the end.
- Takuya uploaded this picture recently and all the members were there too. (possible album jacket shooting?)
- On Yongseok’s IG update today, he wrote the following caption: “#insta#crossgene#iam#thelast#candy#album#comeback#faster#letsgo”

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Can you do a Cross Gene reaction for when their girlfriend is too busy with studies, so she can't spend time with him?

it’s… a bit ironic to be honest bc the reason it took me so long to make this is my studies omg i’m so sorry :’( i hope you like it

Seyoung: (he would be very understanding & supportive and would try to help her any way he can) *knocking on her door* hey it’s about time you take a small break. I brought lemonade and snacks

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Shin: (he would understand too but would feel a bit lonely. he would be more worried you might overwork yourself tho) *while trying to be cute* You should study as much as you need but you have to sleep and eat enough too!

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Takuya: (he would feel a bit lonely too but would hide it and reassure you it’s okay) I’m fine don’t worry. Are you okay? *suspicious* You’re not too tired?

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Casper: (he would motivate you to study and would make sure you don’t skip meals and sleep enough) Ok just one more exercise and then you should go sleep right?

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Sangmin: (he would try to make studying more fun. If you couldn’t go out he would leave you cute messages) *message with a cute sticker*  “ Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? It went OK” can i be the oxygen to your potassuim hehe

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Yongseok: (he would make you small gifts to motivate you and send them over like small chocolates or fruit) *sends you snickers bars* they say chocolate is good for your brain. good luck tomorrow, don’t worry too much~

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