Soooo, I’ve been arround the Xenoblade X fandom as a ghost of sorts. Sketching here and there my Cross, not drawing much attention, really. But you know? The fandom seems really chill and nice so…

It is time to  properly introduce my Cross!

So yeah, I developed a whole story arround him, this is just the most important facts. I hope you enjoy! 

He is a dork, please be kind to him :’D

And I’ll be seeing you arround!


Revised Cross Bio
Name: Sergei
Age: unknown (in his mid 20’s by the end of it)
Eye: red iris, bright green pupil
Hair: blond roots, silvery tips
Division: Curator (was originally pathfinder)
Class: Drifter
Weapons: adapts for upcoming missions, but has a preference towards Photon Sabers.
Voice: Studious
Personality: blunt, doesn’t talk much outside of people he’s comfortable with, can come off as arrogant to strangers. Completely oblivious when it comes to romance.
Back story: he never thought of himself as much when still on earth, when he was younger he only ever got average grades on a good day, and struggled to keep himself afloat in the real world with physical labor until he was able to get himself Into the Army of the U.S. military. His real name is Charles, the name he gave to Elma after hatching him from the Pod was of his now belated father whom he looked up to greatly. While in the army the higher ups recognized his combat prowess and skill with weaponry. He was on his way trying to climb the chain of command before being told of the planetary threat, and how he was one of the few chosen to be boarded upon the white whale.
Once he was hatched due to Elma, however, his cherished memories of his family, friends, and comrades were stripped away from him; along with who he was as a person all together. Realizing this when he had the time to think about it the first night in the barracks he began to feel a deep sense of emptiness, as if he was missing something important. By day he shoved these struggles aside to help with the recovery and betterment of mankind but by nightfall, before he could think to rest, he found himself wondering where his parents or family would be, if someone is waiting for him in the residency. The whole thing made him question if all of this was really real to begin with.
As all of this was eating at him, his actions began to get more and more reckless; he was already feeling incomplete, and with no real way of finding any answers to his questions he started to lose the will to carry on. That is until the truth about his body was revealed after using himself as a shield for tatsu by a ganglion’s farewell gift.
The surprise did not worsen his mental stress, rather it gave him more ease as now he had answers to some of the questions he had: he is alive, this is real, and most likely any family he had is now dead and waiting for him in the lifehold. After the recovery and the explanation of the time limit, he had already resolved himself to shut out these worries completely. And with the full view of his situation, it only served to motivate him further to find the lifehold core and bring back his family. He had already placed himself as a pathfinder to help with the placement of probes, so it only meant for him to work twice as hard to make it easier for the frontier nav to pinpoint the lifehold.
Much like his time on earth, he was all the while aiming to the top as a way to make this all work as efficiently as he could make it, yet due to the crash landing his mental capacity had changed him in a way his previous self would only dream of: his lack of knowledge shortly became more and more miniscule as he continued to study indigens, discovered land, and management in his freetime. He became completely immersed in his work to the point where he only ever got any field work with Lin and Elma, two of the first few people he met on his intro day. Only exception was L for the opportunity to learn from or H.B to make sure he wouldn’t be outdone by him.
He was well on the way to losing himself within his work before the betrayal of lao. Sergei had not expected a man who had lost their family the same way as he to act out so far against humanity. He was completely devastated despite hardly knowing the man, and when he heard the reasoning behind it, he too was filled with anger and rage against the people that brought him on board. He didn’t understand why for the lack of memory but ever since he had a feeling of undeserving for being on board. Had he remembered his placement in school and how much he looked up to his parents and family, he would know why; but alas he was left in turmoil of his own mind. He shrugged this feeling on as he pushed himself harder to compensate.
After the fight with luxxar and the mutated lao, his vision of reuniting with his family had become a thing of the past. His dream crushed when he heard of Elma discovering the critical damage of the core. Despite this, he refused to become the same as lao did and pushed further still for the betterment of humanity. He switched divisions to become a Curator to learn firsthand about Mira and continues to study more about it in his freetime. Though with the loss of an opportunity of learning his past, his eagerness to manage NLA fell with it. He now works to obtain knowledge as if to fill the void of that past…