Happy birthday, Elizabeth Gaskell, - #OTD b.1810.

“Not good enough! Don’t mock my own deep feeling of unworthiness.”

English novelist & short story writer during the Victorian era. Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, inc. the very poor - & are of interest to social historians as well as lovers of literature.

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Is Return to Cranford based on the book "Cranford"?

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The first series, Cranford, is based off of one full length novel and two short stories by Gaskell: Cranford; My Lady Ludlow and Mr.Harrison’s Confessions.

Characters from that series were carried over into the second shorter one, Return to Cranford, which aired as a Christmas special.  This series uses other material of Gaskell’s, specifically short stories The Moorland Cottage and The Cage at Cranford. I think there may be other inclusions from further Gaskell works, but I do not own all of her novellas and non-fiction, so I can’t say for certain. :)

There are some big differences, such as there is a prominent character who dies rather quickly in the novel Cranford, but does not die in the screen adaptation.  Our darling William is not in the novel.  

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If you’ve never read Gaskell, you should!  She is lovely to read and had a unique gift for making everyday life appear beautiful and precious.  

Thank you for your question!