I’m desperately trying to get to draw Arthur and like the result, but I fear it will take way more time than expected…
In the meantime, here’s a random Arthur in a yellow raincoat at a supposed to be bus stop (or at least that’s what they look like in my tiny stupid village where if a bus stop has a roof and two pieces of plexiglass to protect you from the weather you can consider yourself a lucky person xD)

i can’t believe some people are still stuck on the whole “lgbt representation” expectation they have towards captive prince. like, wake up people captive prince isn’t even supposed to represent the gay community the way you want it to. the universe it exists in is what it is: fucked up and problematic. captive prince isn’t some earth shit. it is some other worldly shit. what do you think pacat spent a year and a half of world building for?

~hockey pals Jack and Eric~~

Jack Zimmermann And A Boy He Definitely Only Undressed In Front Of In A Locker Room, Eric Richard Bittle

Jack Zimmermann And The Boy He Roomed With Just To Get The Full College Experience™ E.R.B

Jack Zimmermann And Boy He Skypes With Every Night To Keep In Touch With His Old College Buddy, His Pal ERB

Jack Zimmermann And Old SMH Player Who He Only Saw Naked Because Of Communal Showers Like Good Sporting Pals

Jack Zimmermann And The Team Ring He Designed For Just One Old Buddy Of A Teammate

Jack Zimmermann Walks Down Aisle To Greet Old College Pal Who Happened To Be There In A Suit

Jack Zimmermann Meeting One Time Teammate’s Child Who Happens To Have The Last Name Zimmermann And Says Eh Constantly

Jack Zimmermann Who Has Stayed Married To One-Time Fellow Team Member For 10 Years In Ultimate Sign Of Sporting Friendship

  • me, a humble shitpost farmer who joined the fandom for memes, looking out over the dark horizon:Johnny, bring in the fic concepts and get Dot to help you cover the headcanons. It's about to get stormy in the discourse tags.
  • Johnny:Why, ma?
  • me:An update's coming. I sense... Kent.