This screened last night in Pinedale thanks to Wyoming Backcountry Horsemen. It is such a great documentary and so worthy of your time, even if you aren’t a horse person. Instead, it is a love story about wild things and wild places and the need to appropriately protect both.

Lately, thanks in part to the Bundys and their ilk, western “cowboy” culture gets automatically thought of as anti-conservation and anti-public lands. And that is unfair. The truth is that management of public lands, including wild horses is complicated. This film doesn’t give answers, but it might help you pose better questions, no matter which side of the fence you are currently on.

It’s on Netflix, so go watch it!

Some unique facts about Jesse James


Jesse James was a notorious American outlaw, famed for his train robberies and Robin Hood image. Below are some odd facts about the “original cowboy”.

1.) He was married to his cousin- “Cousin Kissers” weren’t uncommon in the 19th century, but it doesn’t make it any less weird. Jesse was deeply in love with his cousin Zerelda, and the two had intercourse for the very first time at the age of 13.

2.) He had chronic Blepharitis - Records show that he was known for his excessive blinking and watery eyes, which was probably caused by a life-long condition of Blepharitis, a common (but annoying) eye infection that affects the tear ducts.

3.) He was shot with his own gun- Bounty hunter, Bob Foard shot Jesse while he was doing a bit of spring cleaning in his house. He snuck up behind him while he was dusting a picture and executed him at point blank range. Bob later toured the country performing a reenactment of the murder, making a hefty profit.

4.) He took his gang on his honeymoon- Jesse James was never far from his notorious crew, and couldn’t bear to be apart from them… even on his own honeymoon. While he was romancing his wife, he took the time to rob a stagecoach with them, much to her horror.

5.) After his death, his mother became rich, and not for the reason you may think- It wasn’t inheritance that put her in a wealthy position, but a rather morbid tourist attraction she set up: She would charge people money to view his grave, and a further sum to take pebbles from the display. She made thousands of dollars from this.