How to Charm the Signs

Aries: Ask them about a passion they have, or ask to play a game or sport with them. They are typically competitive, so don’t take it to heart if they get a little crazy.

Taurus: Ask them about their favorite foods, and tell them about yourself (not too much though it will drive them crazy); they don’t like to talk about themselves a lot

Gemini: Surprise them with a super fun, spontaneous day trip. Ask them what they are thinking about, they’ll be happy to tell you

Cancer: Show you care for them, if they know that they’re not the only ones doing the caring, they are gaurenteed to open up fast

Leo: Tell them they are beautiful, amazing- just compliment them in any and every way possible

Virgo: Find a common interest, laugh at their jokes. Be extremely polite, and don’t forget they love a good sense of humor

Libra: Compliment and FLIRT. Don’t come off too strong though, they like the chase.

Scorpio: See past their sarcasm and wall, ask them something personal and deep. Show them that your entirely interested in hearing what they really have to say.

Sagittarius: Start an intellectual conversation, they are smarter than you’d think. Mention traveling to them… they are very passionate and wont drop the topic quickly.

Capricorn: Ask about plans for their future. Keep them engaged, dig deep. They are all about business

Aquarius: Ask about theories, and tell them about your own. If it leads to an argument, don’t worry, it will stay light and is a good way to keep the aqua interested.

Pisces: Make sure they don’t start to daydream. Ask them about their dreams, and if they had one wish, what would it be? Push from there.

Signs at School

Aries: Always yelling and running around; in several sports. Most likely to have several awards in the schools trophy case 

Taurus: Brings snacks to class, shares with everyone; constantly talking to people around them

Gemini: Independent, cool kid, that seems like they don’t have a care in the world, but everyone knows they do

Cancer: The one who cares about everyone, no matter how annoying someone may be; someone who looks like a stressful mess and is finishing homework before its even assigned

Leo: The popular one; always up to date in fashion, never see them without friends, always looked up too by their peers

Virgo: Smart person thats funny in a cute dorky way; friends with all the teachers, nice to EVERYONE

Libra: Person whose always flirting; very happy, bright and bubbly, never misses a day of school

Scorpio: The one who is really mysterious; sits in the back of class, always making really sarcastic jokes

Sagittarius: Wild hipster that skips class and can sometimes be super chill or very hyper

Capricorn: The workaholic of the group; can get very stressed and uptight when finals come around

Aquarius: Always making conspiracy theories, gets into arguments with peers and teachers over them

Pisces: Day dreamer; always caught looking out the window or doodling on desks

Signs on Deserted Islands

aries: yells effortlessly for help, than runs around screaming in hopes to scare off any dangerous predators

taurus: hunts and scavenges for food, attempts to build fire to cook meat 

gemini: talks to themselves as if they were two different people; ends up arguing with themselves over whose fault it is for leaving them there

cancer: panic attack, crying, yelling, laughing, repeat. unknowingly builds shelter to distract themselves, though it does’nt really work

leo: relaxes because they know everyone will be searching for them. looks forward to attention they’ll get when they’re rescued

virgo: making escape plan

libra: crying because they did’nt get to say goodbye to their crush

scorpio: building a boat to get off island, very calm

sagittarius: considers it an adventure, looks for treasure or native islanders

capricorn: freaking out because they are missing work or school

aquarius: blames it on aliens, secretly hopes the island is inhabited by aliens that have summoned them for an adventure

pisces: dreaming about their crush rescuing them

Signs as Murder House Characters

aries: larry harvey

taurus: hayden mcclain

gemini: ben harmon

cancer: nora montgomery

leo: constance langdon

virgo: vivien harmon

libra: moira o’hara

scorpio: tate langdon

sagittarius: violet harmon

capricorn: charles montgomery

aquarius: billie dean howard

pisces: adeline langdon