I think the biggest twist of that episode was Cora getting into heaven. 

I mean seriously. 

I loved the mills family interactions, I did and I loved that Zelena and Regina have the chance now to be sisters but does that really redeem Cora for all that she’s done? 

She abused and neglected Regina and forced her into a marriage where she was no doubt abused and neglected again. She abandoned Zelena and sent her back to an abusive father just to teach Regina a lesson. 

Yes she apologised and brought her daughters back together but I don’t know something about Cora moving off into the light, with all the pain she caused her daughters, just doesn’t sit right with me. 

With Regina and Zelena it’s different. They’ve both been evil and done terrible things but Regina is redeeming herself and is becoming a hero. Zelena too, is trying to leave behind wickedness and find love and family. 

Cora however I just don’t feel like she had that. I consider what she did as a start but as someone who’s watched Regina and Zelena’s stories I’m not sure how happy I am to see Cora go into the light. 

I don’t know, it might just be me but I think I would have liked more. I would have liked to see Zelena get the chance to spend more time with Cora and maybe some bonding with all three of them. I would have liked too, for instead of Regina encouraging Zelena to go be with Hades, for her to have reassured Zelena that she did have family and hope, because they’re sisters.