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Hey everyone!

So I’m at the halfway mark to 100 followers, which is awesome when you consider this crappy little blog got started up just a handful of weeks ago. 

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I’m doing this giveaway because I love getting awesome followers, and meeting awesome fans of Bioware work. You guys have been super aweome sauce. And because my current followers have been so awesome, I wanna give back a little bit.

First Prize: digital deluxe edition copy of Mass Effect Andromeda

Runner Up Prize: A Funko pop figurine of your choice (Bioware-related ONLY)

Only one person will receive the First Prize.

I will award the Runner Up Prize to up to three people.  


1. You must be following me to participate in this, and yes I will check.

2. Giveaway blogs are NOT allowed. If I find your giveaway blog trying to participate, you will be blocked and automatically disqualified from participating.

3. If you are aiming for one prize over the other, reblogs will enter you for the first prize and likes enter you for the runner up prize. You can do both as often as you want to increase your chances for one prize over another if you like. Just be considerate to your own followers.

4. Only Bioware and gaming-related blogs please. I especially don’t want to have to sift thorugh new blogs to block the porn blogs.

5. For the giveaway to be successful, this blog must hit 100 followers on or before March 16th. SO REBLOG AWAY, MY LOVELIES!
This is Ridiculous

I really don’t get why some people are pissed out a character in ME:A not being gay. Seriously!?! I understand why people were pissed about Jack not being romancable after admitting being bi, but this? 

Bioware has included so many straight, bi, and gay relationships into their games. They’re defiantly not being ‘anti-gay’. What about when Bioware made a game were all the main romance options were Bi? or in Origins were half the options were bi? Or in Da3 and ME3 were we had exclusively straight and gay romances as well as bi ones?

It’s not prejudice, or oppression, or anti-gay. It’s just people writing a character and saying “When I’m imaging this fictional person in my mind I think they’re_______.” That’s all.

Frankly, it’s more insulting that everyone is rising up in fury because of this preconceived notion of what a gay person must look like. Why does a woman being tough and strong and liking to wear a shortcut automatically make people demand she be gay? I think it’s awesome. 

If anything, I think it helps break stereotypes. What someone looks like doesn’t determine a persons sexuality. Let Cassandra be a badass warrior, love to read smutty literature, and be into men. Let Brienne of Tarth slay like a queen and have a crush on Jamie or Tormod or Renly. Let Sergeant Calhoun fall in love with an adorkable Fix-it Felix Jr. It’s all okay! 

I don’t need characters that are gay because they “look gay” or straight because they “look straight”. All I need is a good character. 

Jaal Ama Darav (confidence in Ryder)

Seems to me like Jaal is one of the only ones that has much confidence in Ryder’s abilities early on.

Vetra’s there to be the mom she is and do what she can to help. And also to get off the Nexus.

Peebee is there to learn about remnant stuff. She’d probably be the first to jump ship if shit went sideways in a bad way.

Liam isnt exactly not confident in Ryder but he seems pretty on the fence and dogey about what he thinks.

Cora is trying to find anyone with authority and plans that she can cling to to feel safe (i feel like she doesnt believe in Ryder the most and I dont like her face either).

Drack is just a grumpy old man. ‘Nuff said. He’ll be grumpy forever. Though aside from Jaal I feel like he has more actual confidence in Ryder early on (probably because he’s old enough to know her type and know they get shit done).

Jaal is the one I’ve seen that has the most confidence in Ryder early on. And not just early on but from the get-go. The first time they met he was willing to leave the security of his people and jump onto a ship full of possibly hostile aliens he knows exactly nothing about because he believed that Ryder could help solve all the problems that the angara had not been able to solve.

And once you save the moshae, bam. He trusts you with pretty much everything. In fact after you save her is when he starts to open up to Ryder and flirt back. Tentatively, like he’s testing the waters, but he responds.

But the others are still like, “I dunno. I mean she’s doing ok but I wouldn’t be shocked if things go tits up and we all get royally fucked.”

Meanwhile Jaal is in the background in his own blissful state of mind, thinking, “She can do anything.”

Just another reason why he’s my favorite.

loads of people have been talking about smol Ryder and tol Vetra aesthetic but what about smol Peebee and tol everyone?????

k so we got vetra who is 198cm which is like 6'5″ and 95kg hmmmmmm nice cool

we got Cora who’s a 172cm (5′6″) yep and 61kg

Liam is 183 so like 6′0″ and 88kg

I’m going to assume Drack is a big boy 

and then squad baby Peebee at 52kg and 167cm which is like 5′4″ which is not even short short but is the shortest in the crew and she is the lightest and I love baby Peebee who is towered over by her space buddies that can all pick her up with their pinkie I really love it