we seem to be midst a tampon renaissance and it’s making me kinda happy to be alive, to be honest. why wouldn’t i want to have a healthier period? it’s miserable enough at the get-go. enter: cora

like fellow feminine care start-up lola, cora’s tampons are made with 100% organic cotton cotton but what makes cora’s different is that they were “specifically designed for maximum absorption and less leakage, which has been an issue for organic cotton tampons thus far,” according to techcrunch. users have the ability to schedule precise deliveries of tampons to ensure preparation for aunt flo’s arrival and you can mix-and-match the types (regular, super, etc.) to be included in the package.

i should also say that the package itself is incredibly impressive. products arrive in a beautiful black box to allow for discrete organization whether you choose to keep them out on your bathroom shelf or not; a clutch-like container (shown in the image above) is also included to easily slip into handbags.

use the code SARA15 at checkout to snag 15% off your first month’s subscription.


“Adam, Eddy, Edwardo and I all felt like this should be the gown that Snow picked for Emma. The gown she always imagined Emma going to the ball in had she been raised in Fairytale Land with her family.” — Jennifer Morrison

“It’s very unlike Regina in every way. It’s kind of like what Regina would think her mother would want her in. It’s just how Regina understands these things. […] Then she transforms into this more princess-like gown and I find Regina always thinks ‘Okay, what would my mother want me to wear? I’m always off. I never get it right, so, what would my mother want me to wear?” — Lana Parrilla 

Can we talk about this?

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