real talk but i’d be deeply appreciative of a story arc where some conflict happens & shiro is pushed to the point where he has to admit to himself that he doesn’t have an answer, he doesn’t know what to do, and he can’t shoulder the responsibility himself

he’s a very young man who has been through a lot & he’s honestly just scraping by on a very limited amount of training and experience held together with a fake it till you make it mentality 👏🏾

but meeting tiny 11 year-old calum in your first year at hogwarts and you’d both get sorted into ravenclaw - him a couple minutes before you - and your cheeks would be flushed a peachy pink colour as you plopped down next to this shy boy at your house table and he’d introduce himself with a thick australian accent and red cheeks and you’d smile and mutter your name in return and not long after the fest would start and you’d be chatting to calum in between bites of yummy food, murmuring “how come you’re at hogwarts when you’re clearly australian?” and calum would chuckle lightly and excitedly explain “my dad’s scottish! his cousin went here and i suppose that’s why i got in as well!” and as the conversation went on you were happy to have made such a good friend on your first day. years later when the two of you graduated hand in hand, you would still be thankful for sitting next to that small scrawny boy with the messy brown hair and the angelic smile.

twigthewigwig  asked:

I have very quickly developed an unyielding love of Lori... Can you tell me more about her?

Lori is from what could be called the country side in the Galra nation. A small mountain covered planet, they have terrible reception (I have this hc about the original Galra nation where it was a solar system with many planets and the main Garla species migrated to different planets in the system and over time adapted and evolved differently to the conditions. so the further the planet is from the sun the more fur the species have. made a rough drawing)

I thought about this waaaay too much (s2 gimme info i must know)

back to Lori. She is the 4th oldest out of 7 children, has 3 parents, is an auntie. Courted one of the head generals of Galra’s military and the sous chef of the royal Galra palace kitchen. loves em.

Loves being the Red Paladin, but gets homesick a lot. She becomes really close to Coran quickly, seeing him as family, even brought him over to her planet to introduce him to her family.

During the war against Galra’s empire, Lori was able to penetrate through Zarkon’s forces and Lori’s last transmission was she was going to go and try to talk some sense back into Zarkon

and that was the last time she was ever heard of…


I love the past tense, but you can’t live there.
I love the stories you believe add up to you,
Though they never do. I love the way
The rhythms and the tenses and the words
Add up to nothing, or to a diversion, or to this:
I know this place, and even think it’s true
If places can be true), but what does it say?
That if I wake I’ll wake up into it, and then go on?
Or is it just a state of mind, a place to linger in
Or stay, whose seeming is the whole of its reality?
I was born to indecision: I follow thoughts
Wherever they lead, and dreams until it’s clear
They won’t come true. I live in my imagination
Most of the time, biding what’s left of my time
And waiting for no one in particular to come—
Waiting for an ending endlessly deferred,
When you (the reader of my life) and I are one.

John Koethe, “Stele,” New Republic (3 February 2011)

Quick DOFP poll!

Hey all, poll time again! Still got some time off this week, so I’ll be doing a bunch of DOFp catch up! I’m planning another full-day livestream of DOFP work, but I’m curious as to when people want it! What day would work best for you: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

And related, since I could potentially be at either place story-wise: what would you want to see more: extremely spoilery stuff for characters in the past, or extremely spoilery stuff for characters in the present?

Faith’s Sister

This ficlet is part of the Faith lives AU which starts with A Garden of Worries.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from The Value of an Experienced Nurse

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Available on AO3 as Faith Restored.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Voyager.

Let me know what you think.

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