Cari and Lauri Ryding, a couple in Massachusetts, came home from vacation recently to find their house had been egged and their rainbow flag stolen. 

So more than 40 houses in their neighborhood put up rainbow flags in a show of solidarity. 

Neighbors got the flags from the Rainbow Peace Flag Project, a local organization that gives away free rainbow flags to area residents. Cari and Lauri had originally hung the flag after the Orlando shooting. 

“It just happened so quickly — the whole neighborhood said, ‘Get me a flag. Get me a flag. Get me a flag,’ ” said Penni Rochwerger, who lives around the corner from the Rydings. “If we can stop whatever hate is out there, I think that’s really important.” 

“We said, ‘Why don’t we all have the flags? They can’t take them from all of us,’” said Dennis Gaughan, whose wife, Maura, helped organize the rainbow response. […]

As jarring as the initial crime was, Lauri Ryding said, the response has helped restore their faith in their community. “Somebody’s fear called them to action,” she said. “But our neighbors’ support and love called them to action, and love conquers hate. Love wins. We win.”

I’m not crying, you’re — okay, I’m totally crying. (via the Boston Globe)

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You probably get this question a lot, but what are some beginners tips for making a studyblr?

Hello! Welcome to the community! Here are my tips for new studyblrs:

  • Get involved in the community. Talk to people.
  • Post tips and ideas; even if you don’t think they’ll help or be of use, post them. I didn’t think my tips would help anyone to begin with.
  • Reblog. Reblog any posts that help you, or pictures of work and study spaces that you like. Follow the people that you reblog a lot of stuff from and get to know them.
  • Post updates about yourself. It can help you understand where you’re at, and your followers will be interested to learn about you.
  • Organise. If you want your blog to be really organised, then develop a tagging system. It can be really simple, or more complex, but it will be so useful!
  • Remember, no one cares if your pictures are good, or if your desk is neat; we all just want to help each other.
Free Community Day - Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

This Labor Day, September 5th 2016, all visitors to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will receive free entry. The garden is open from 9am-5pm. 

From 1-4pm, in front of the Bloemendaal House, DJ Lonnie B and Kelli Lemon will mix contemporary hip hop and R&B. The free entry includes entry into the ButterfliesLIVE Exhibit (line for the exhibit will close at 3:30pm), and to the Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks exhibit. The garden will also be purchasing Pokemon Go lures for the various PokeStops on the premises. 

Food and drink will be available to purchase.

For more info, see the link. 


Chapter Posted!

Work title: “Everything is Better, Part Three” 

Fandom:  Community

Pairing:  Annie Edison/Jeff Winger

Chapter title:  “Father’s Day” (7/?)

Chapter summary:  Jeff’s first Father’s Day


She kept her gaze on him as he continued to look upward.  “I know it’s a little weird, but we can start a new tradition.  We don’t have to blacklist the holiday anymore.”

She watched as his body tensed.

He swiftly glanced down at her and widened his eyes.  “I know.  And Annie and I have discussed it.  It’s important for the hobster.  Not that she really understands now, but she will.”

He gave an exaggerated shrug, cleared his throat, and resumed his study of the ceiling tiles.

Dorie took a deep breath and patted his arm. “It’s important for you too.”

He shrugged again.

She let her hand linger on him as she said emphatically, “It is.  I’m very proud of you.  The way you’ve taken things on with Sophie.  It’s very nice for me to see you like this.  You’re nothing like him.”

“Mom, can we please not…” 

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for humanizing men and caring about us. I believe if more women adopted your loving and positive attitude things would be a lot better and less hatred towards men would exist! You're literally one of the few good ones that actually uses her brain. I enjoy following your blog, Well done!

I really want to believe that this was sent in earnest but the language U use here is troubling (”[T]hings would be a lot better”) and frankly incredibly patronizing (”You’re literally one of the few good ones that actually uses her brain … Well done!”) – either way, let this be a lesson to U:

the ultimate problem here is not women’s hatred and fear of men; the problem isn’t that women refuse to humanise and love men – the ultimate problem here is men’s violent and dehumanising modes of behaviour and thinking, which give women reason to hate and fear men

what men never seem to be able to fully grasp or internalise is that the masculine identity itself exists in relation to femininity and womanhood – it is dependent on femininity and womanhood for its own existence, and is not something separate from them; violating and dehumanizing women is an essential identity-making process for men, it is something necessary for and central to masculinity – just as being open to violation, dehumanization, and commodification is what femininity is centred around; masculinity is designed to make use of this designed openness in femininity to sustain itself; the existence of masculinity/manhood itself as an identity and a social location is detrimental and is meant to be detrimental

what U imply here is that men can continue to exist as-is, and that all that is required for “things [to] be a lot better” is for women to love and humanise them – what I don’t think U understand is that the relation between masculinity/manhood and femininity/womanhood necessitates that kind of behaviour from women anyway, just as it necessitates violence from men – it is not in spite of our loving and humanising U, but because of it that U hurt and kill us

women should not be obligated to, but more importantly literally cannot do the work of fixing/healing men – should not, because it is difficult to do so without re-inscribing the existing power relationship between masculinity and femininity (i.e., where women do emotional labour for men); cannot, because women do not have the kind of perspective needed to do the work of shifting men out of masculinity – only men and people who have insight into the subjective experience of masculine socialization/trauma can do that

so it is up to men in their respective movements, men who are indebted to feminism [particularly Black feminism] for the insight it has provided into the nature of masculinity, to change themselves and each other – ultimately, only men are able to do this work; only men have the kind of perspective, location, and resources necessary for the healing and transformation of men – so, for all of U men who have been silently watching this blog and who have found comfort in what I have acknowledged, particularly those of U who identify as leftists: this is your work; this is integral to the work U are already doing; we are all waiting for U to do it; take responsibility for yourselves and your own; nourish, heal, and validate yourselves and each other in the way that no one else can