Who You Are

Pairing: None - Reader is part of the team

Word: 1,281

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Warnings: LGBT hate crime for any sensitive readers (ps, you should never feel insecure and you are all beautiful little muffins and I love you ok)

Summary: Anon requested:   Hey, could you write something where the team(inc. reader) is working on a lgbt hate crime, and the reader gets really uncomfortable and no one can understand why, but then they come out as a lesbian and the team is all really supportive and positive? No pairings or anything. Sorry if this is a weird request I’m just really insecure in my sexuality right now and thought something like this might help. I love your writing by the way, you’re really talented! :))

A/N:  Thank you for reading first and foremost.  I love knowing that there are real people out there enjoying my writing - it’s reassuring and heartwarming!

Secondly, as a bisexual female, I can COMPLETELY relate to your sitch.  I’ve only recently come to terms with my sexuality, and I can understand that it’s hard to accept yourself for who you are.  Please, please, please never feel insecure about who you like or who you are, because you are special and deserving of love and if anyone ever tells you otherwise, then screw em, alright?  I love you and there are plenty of people out there who love you too.

P.s., I adore this request.  I’m honored to write this, thank you for requesting.

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“We believe we are looking for a white male in his late 30′s, early 40′s.  He’s choosing his victims based on their sexuality,” Prentiss said to all the cops in the room.

“There’s a chance that this man may be in denial of his own sexuality, taking it out on these victims.  He’s angry about who he is,” Morgan rattled off.

“He’s killing his victims with blunt objects, and his rage is evident by the extreme overkill.  This man is incredibly dangerous,” Rossi added. 

You were sitting, listening to your coworkers give the profile, trying to keep yourself together.

“If you gather anymore information, please let us know immediately.  Thank you,” Hotch finished, dismissing the room of policemen and women.  “Dave, Reid and Y/N, can you three go to the medical examiner’s office and see if you can find out if there was any sexual assault to the male victims?”

The three of you nodded you heads and began to gather your things. 

“Prentiss and Morgan, go to the bar the victims were last seen.  We need to find out if anyone knew them personally.”

Once Hotch was finished giving out orders, everyone went their respective ways. 

The entire time to the M.E., your mind was racing, unable to fathom why even in the 21st century, queer people were still considered targets to hate crimes.  It made you scared for yourself, too, knowing that people would treat you differently based on your sexual orientation.

Hotch was certain these murders were because the unsub was fighting their own sexuality, but you had your doubts.  You felt in yourself it was truly just out of spite because these victims happened to be queer.  You knew what it was like to be unsure of your own sexuality, but in no way did you think that would lead to something as cruel as this.

You twiddled your thumbs in the backseat of the SUV, feeling incredibly too insecure.

“You okay?” Reid asked from the passenger’s seat.  He was looking at you with slight suspicion and you felt yourself shrink under the profiler’s stare, but you managed to fake a strong composure, not giving away that the case was bothering you too much.

“I’m fine,” you replied with a slight smile.  Reid pressed his lips together and nodded, not wanting to pry. 

The rest of the car ride to the M.E.’s office was silent.  Your secret seemed to be burning a hole in your mind.  You needed to pull yourself together.  If your team grew any more suspicious, you’d have to tell them, and that was the last thing you wanted.

“The male victims seem to be the least injured, actually.  The overkill was evident on the female victims,” Dr. Farley, the M.E. told you.

“What about sexual assault?” David asked him, studying the female victim on the table.

“None that we could find,” the doctor replied.  You took a closer look at the body, something near her thigh catching your eye.

“Reid,” you said, motioning to the body.  “Give me a hand?”  You carefully lifted the woman’s leg to see the marks that showed a sign of struggle.  “You said you didn’t find sexual assault even on the female victims?” you asked.  Reid was helping you to carefully lay the body onto its side.

“Yes, there was no evidence of that.  Not on male or female victims,” the examiner said, coming to look at what you were looking at.

“That’s because you were looking in the wrong place,” you said, pointing to the rear end of the corpse.  The bruises on her thighs looked like a pair of hands had been holding her down, and her rear end looked destroyed, overkill suddenly seeming like an understatement.

“So this man is not raping the men, but the women, and he chooses not to do it in the… front,” Reid said, his face growing red.

“I’m beginning to think this doesn’t have much to do with our unsub’s own sexuality,” Rossi admitted, dialing the phone to call Hotch.

“Just a purely hateful man,” you muttered, mainly to yourself.  Looking at the woman made you feel incredibly more insecure about yourself.  You couldn’t understand how it was possible for someone to hate a person just because of who they like.  Your face grew hot, and you felt almost sick to your stomach.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Reid asked, but you were already out the door.

“So this unsub is mad at the women for being gay.  He takes it out on them the worst because that means that they are incapable of liking him, and with his narcissistic personality, he sees that as offensive and rapes them from behind.  We’re sure he’s not possibly gay and in denial?” Prentiss rambled after hearing the new information.

“If he was in denial, he’d be raping them from the front.  He’s probably come to accept his sexuality,” Hotch stated.

“Then why the hell is he killing gay men, too?” you asked in a too defensive tone.  Everyone in the room looked at you in shock.  You seemed to be taking this case harder than anyone else.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Y/N?” Hotch asked.  Your sudden outburst obviously didn’t sit well with him.

“No,” you said.  This was it.  No more hiding the truth.  “I’d rather you all hear this, okay?  I know that I’m taking this case a little too seriously and that it’s quite clearly getting to me.  But as a gay woman, it’s hard not feel offended by this asshole just killing innocent people just because of their sexual orientation.  It’s really disappointing and discouraging to know that there are still people in this world who can’t accept others because of who they are and I just really want this son of a bitch to get what he deserves, alright?” you told them.  Their faces were all mixed with shock and awe.  Before you let any of them get a chance to say anything to you, you stormed out the door of the conference room with tears beginning to stream down your face. 

A weight has just been lifted off your shoulders, but the room still felt heavy.  You sat on a bench just outside of the police station.  After a few minutes, JJ walked out the door and once she saw you, sat down next to you.

“I wanted to tell you guys sooner,” you muttered, unable to look at her.

“It was your decision,” she replied, rubbing your back.

“I don’t know why, but I was scared to tell you.  I just didn’t want anyone to treat me differently or look at me differently,” you said.  JJ sighed and rested her hand in her lap.

“Y/N, you’re always going to be a part of this team and part of this family.  And you more than anyone should know that it’s a family’s duty to be accepting of one another and love each other unconditionally.  Every member of this family loves you, no matter what.  In fact, now that we know this about you, we probably love you more than we ever thought we could.”

You looked over to meet her eyes.  “Yeah?” you asked, almost in a shy tone.

“Of course.  Come here.”  She pulled you in for a hug, and instantly the world felt light again.  Of course they wouldn’t care, what were you thinking?

“Let’s go,” she said, pulling you off the bench and back into the conference room with the rest of the team.

“Y/N, you ready to give this son of a bitch what he deserves?” Morgan asked you with a smirk. 

You smirked back.  “Hell yeah.”