-Lucifer’s Broken Wing-

"Come back here, Michael!", Lucifer shouts as he chases his brother around the house.

"Nope! You gotta catch me!", Michael yells back, laughing.

"Boys no flying in the house. On the ground or in the corner take a pick.", Chuck orders them.

The boys instantly drop down, look at each other, and then start chasing each other again. Only this time on foot.

"I’m gonna get ya Michael!", Lucifer laughs gleefully as he chases Michael up the stairs.

Lucifer soon reaches the top step, but stumbles backwards.

"Aaah! Michael!"

Lucifer shouts, but it was too late. He was now tumbling down the stairs with no way of stopping until he finally hit the ground.

"EEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!", Lucifer let’s out a high pitched scream that shatters all the glass in the house.

"Lucifer!", Michael exclaims as he runs to his brothers rescue.

Lucifer starts sobbing and crying out in pain.

"Oh my gosh. What happened?", Chuck asks Michael as he picks up Luci.

Michael is now crying as well and slowly gets out between sobs, “We- we were playing tag and- and Luci fell- fell down the stairs and- and it’s all my fault.”

Chuck grabs Michael’s hand and takes both of the boys to the bathroom where he sits Lucifer on the sink and Michael on the floor.

"First of all-", Chuck starts as he gets out the supplies to make Luc a splint, "You shouldn’t be playing tag in the house, second of all, it was not your fault Michael, and lastly, no more flying for either of you until Luci’s wing has healed." Chuck finished up Lucifer’s splint and put Luc down on the floor next to Michael, leaving them to do whatever.

By now Lucifer had stopped crying and was just slightly whimpering from the pain.

After a few seconds Michael stood up and grabbed Lucifer’s hand pulling him along.

"Where are we going?", Lucifer whimpered as he followed his brother.

Michael turned and smiled at him, “Well we can’t do much with that broken wing of yours, so let’s go watch Tv.”

Lucifer smiled back gratefully and gave Michael a big hug.

They might not always show it, but Michael and Lucifer love each other more than anything in the world.

*So this is another one-shot based off of askbabynatural's pictures. Just my little take on how Luc got his broken wing and no matter how much he denies it we all know Luci cried. XD*