oh my god do you know what’s the funniest shit

out of all the times chilton’s been flayed and gutted and burned and what have you

it’s never been by hannibal

he’s so determined to be seen as the tragic Ultimate Victim of the chesapeake ripper and yet hannibal gives so few fucks about him that he never even bothered to personally mutilate him

that’s the most chilton thing i’ve ever heard

One thing I love about Paris is that even though she was raised in a family with a lot of money she doesn’t really act like that. I mean, she definitely had her moments but she was never like, “my parents are rich so I can do whatever I want and not get in trouble. I’m just gonna party and be rich!” Not at all like Logan or the other Life And Death Brigade members. She cared a lot (maybe too much) about her education. She didn’t rely on getting a man. She was gonna be something and she was gonna do it by working hard. I don’t even know if this is making sense I just really love Paris a lot.