oh my god do you know what’s the funniest shit

out of all the times chilton’s been flayed and gutted and burned and what have you

it’s never been by hannibal

he’s so determined to be seen as the tragic Ultimate Victim of the chesapeake ripper and yet hannibal gives so few fucks about him that he never even bothered to personally mutilate him

that’s the most chilton thing i’ve ever heard

  • Title: April
  • Author: @ghostofachancewithyou
  • For: @locke-writes writing contest
  • Rating: T
  • Warnings: Mention of suicide attempt, mention of f/m sex, angst, generally sad atmosphere. No graphic details, but this is about post-season 3 Chilton
  • Words: 729
  • Pairing: Frederick Chilton/female OC
  • A/N:@skittle479 asked to be tagged in this.

Its early when she wakes up. Quiet Friday morning. April. Gray sky, white sun.

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About Inelle

Finally got myself a copy of Hannibal (the book) because I HAD to find out more about Frederick’s fiancée, Inelle Corey.

@writing-journeyx@mrschiltoncat​ and I talked about her before. I have some more ramblings that lead nowhere thoughts, but don’t feel like you have to respond.

I like that she’s very loyal. The way she talks about Frederick shows how much she still loves him; when his disappearance seven years ago is brought up she bursts into tears.

She’s also pretty snarky and standoffish. She might’ve always been like that, but my headcanon is that losing Frederick hardened her, made her a bit of a bitter person (which I’d find perfectly understandable.)

What I don’t understand is the significance of introducing her at that point in the book series. Sure, we needed someone to tell Starling (and the reader) what happened at the BSHCI after Silence of the Lambs. But why make her his fiancée, not just a regular employee. It’s just not compatible with single!Chilton from SotL. Why make things unnecessarily complicated? She comes completely out of nowhere. And what does Thomas Harris want us to think of her? Are we supposed to find it ironic that Inelle is religious while Frederick’s moral compass is questionable? Are we supposed to find it funny that he unsuccessfully tried it with conventionally attractive Starling–and then we learn the woman whose heart he won isn’t a hottie (whatever that means)? I’d find that disturbing, but we’ve all seen that demeaning kind of macho “humor”. 

I thought about this so often, I can’t analyse any of this objectively anymore.

Two things worth noting:

  • They couldn’t have been together since high school. I think @writing-journeyx and I had already agreed that that would’ve been unlikely, for other reasons. But now that I read the chapter I realize that Frederick is 30 years older than Inelle. In SotL we learn that he’s 58. In Hannibal, Inelle is in her mid-thirties (making her ~28 in SotL.)
  • Frederick grew up in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. I don’t know what exactly that’s supposed to say about him or his family. It definitely wasn’t the most affluent area of the city, but some parts of it look lovely now, see:

I know that Starling visits the now closed-down BSHCI a bit later in the book. Maybe we find out some more about Chilty.

kjs-s  asked:

Hi I would love to see your HC for many of them but i will ask for this for chilton. I love what you are coming up with.

Hi love! 
Ohh @writing-journeyx and I have been talking about one. It is back when Chilton was still in college to become a surgeon, actually it was an AU idea in which him and Hannibal were in the same school.

- Freddy would try so hard to fit in after he realized making friends wasn’t as easy as he thought. He would read into all different sorts of hobbies just to fail in the end. 

- He would sneak out of class to throw up and hoped desperately nobody would notice his problem with guts and blood. That would probably cause him to have very unhealthy eating habits ‘cause he wouldn’t be able to eat between lectures too. (I can picture him at home, studying by night and eating all sorts of junk food)

- His worst moment would be once he realized he couldn’t continue and had to give up his dream of being a surgeon. (He actually just wanted to be one, cause he thought they were the ‘gods in white’) He would have a real breakdown anyway but would force himself to keep up the facade so his new classmates in psychiatry wouldn’t notice. 
I can imagine him becoming snarky just then because he needed to defend his sanity. 

- If he really was in college together with Hannibal, Freddy would always be jealous. Hannibal would look better, get all the girls, reject all possible friends. Chilton would do anything to be like him and the smirk on Hannibals face when he heard Chilton would leave, would be a moment he never forgets. 

Ohhh poor Chilton T_T  what an awful headcanon, we are monsters!