BTOB stans will love this story! OMG! So I went to KCON New York, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life. Anyway, I go to the hotel/train station across the street from the convention to get breakfast. I go to the Dunkin Donuts, and order my food. I see this Korean guy walk past and then come back in. I can see him looking at me through the corner of his eyes, but he mostly looks at his phone.

These three girls are outside of the Dunkin Donuts giggling and taking pics. I am like, why are they creeping on this guy lol. I walk out, and he is still in there waiting for his order. I ask the girls is he famous or something, and they say he looks like he is from BTOB. I start walking away, and they run after him and get his autograph. He booked it back to the elevator at the hotel after he gave them autographs. Turns out it was CHANGSUB from BTOB!!! I was next to him for more than 10 minutes, and didn’t say a thing! I didn’t recognize him because he was wearing normal clothes. I then looked him up and realized it was him because of his tattoos! Still an amazing experience, and the fact that I saw him looking at me. Maybe he does like caramel, and I’m not talking about his iced coffeel :p

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