TEEN TOP Fans Go Overboard At The Group’s Concert in San Jose, California?

According to reports on Twitter, there were multiple cases of Angels behaving rudely at Teen Top’s concert in San Jose, California. The situation exceeded bounds enough that there were even issues between the MNET staff and the concert goers. To name a bunch of the problems:

  • Some fans sneaked in to their hotel and waited for them in their hallways
  • A fan called Changjo a bitch because he wouldn’t hug her
  • Niel got dropped
  • Unconsented touching at the hi touch such as hugging
  • Chunji being shoved and called names
  • Fans waiting after the concert to follow them and ask for autographs
  • Fans pushing and name calling Mnet staff
  • Teen Top told their staff they were too afraid to leave their hotel because of fans openly entering the building

The situation reached a point where Angels got criticism from their own fan base as well as other K-pop fandoms for their rude behavior. Not only that but Teen Top and MNET themselves were frustrated at the fan incidents.

What do you think about this?


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