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Korea team VOID mr.KWAN(@kwan_void)
haircut performance part
visual @novaxp
sound @haihm
choreography @keonjoong.k
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I’m trying to get back into making educational breakdown videos of shots I’ve animated at Disney. It goes by pretty fast because I’m trying to keep them under a minute! I had SO much fun with this shot and learnt a lot! I hope you enjoy my thought process, thanks for checking it out! #disney #disneyanimation #mouse #trentanimation #animation #zootopia #cg #computeranimation #2d (at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

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A little oil-barrel dog I made for fun. Design largely inspired by  Tarō Okamoto.

Practiced rigging from scratch, though I ran into an issue I couldn’t find more about. I want to limit the joint rotation on the knees, but it is attached to an IK system. Maybe me more technically savvy followers can maybe help me out?

I have the model/rig for download here. It is kind of janky (I have two IK systems on the legs for different rotations) but feel free to do anything within reason

Down, P. 41

part 10

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I hoped to not redraw more CG art, but this scene with Kurato (brown haired) and Blace (blue haired) bothered me. 2016 version looks like hand wrestling fail lol. The 2017 version is not exactly what I had in mind, but I’m satisfied. I question myself about trillion action shots I put in the script (´−`) ン

A few more CG art left for the demo and trailer. My standards are increasing along with artwork detail.