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You're writing seriously makes me so happy <3 if you're taking prompts I have one: Set in season 4, Kate has a cold and is miserable (maybe her bullet wound makes it worse?) and refuses to go home, and Castle tries to take care of her :)

I’m so sorry this took so long, and that it’s probably not what you were asking for. But I hope it’s okay, anyway!

She can feel his eyes on her, his gaze burning into the side of her head. Subtlety never was, and still isn’t, his strong suit. 

“What is it, Castle?”

His elbow is resting on the edge of her desk, chin propped in his open palms and fingers brushing against his lips as he looks at her. It’s a look she’s fairly acquainted with, the one he gives her when he thinks she’s not looking, when he’s purposely not voicing his concerns but they’re whirling around in that brain of his regardless.

“You’re sick.”

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Song Aesthetics - “Castle” by Halsey 

I’m headed straight for the Castle

They wanna make me their queen

And there’s an old man sitting on the throne

Saying that I probably keep my pretty mouth shut