Nathan Fillion, Firefly and Castle.

Today the French TV released an interview of Nathan Fillion talking about various things, such as Castle, some ideas he has for the show, his time off and a brief comment about his girlfriend and her show. The interview doesn’t last longer than 3 minutes and it’s in english.

It came out at the same time as Jon and Seamus’ preview of the wedding song an people on twitter didn’t seem to care about the interview but an hour(or so) later my TL was filled about (some) people complaining about Nathan. Basically people RTing stuff about people I don’t follow.
Anyways, some people in the Castle fandom are famous for manipulating (or maybe not understanding) Nathan’s words. The first question he gets is, that Stana got married during the summer and at some point we(the viewers) were told of the possibility of her not coming back. So the interviewer asks him of the show continuing without her and Nathan doesn’t say yes or no, replies saying that he is normally wrong about decisions and that he leaves it all to the writers of the show, and then at the end adds something like in Hollywood you can’t never say never. So point one, HE DOES NOT SAY IF or IF NOT THE SHOW COULD GO ON WITHOUT STANA.

Later on, he talks about some ideas for Castle and the possibility about bringing his dear friend Alan Tudyk on the show, which he has talked about numerous of times(and the idea he has is actually pretty cool if you ask me).

Then he gets asked about his time off and talks about going to Australia and scuba diving.

And at the end he gets asked about his girlfriend’s show and he says that she comes first for him and that he has always been a fan of hers.(Which I found really cute btw)

Now that I have watched the interview again Nathan does not mention Firefly, so the drama, this time, came from a twitter post, Nathan himself shared on twitter. A tweet from a fan saying he/she missed Firefly and Nathan replied saying “Sigh, me too”.
Everything was good until someone decided to make fun of Nathan missing Firefly and his fans came to his rescue. Then other people joined in and started saying the everything Nathan cared about was Firefly(that was cancelled over 10 years ago) and than he didn’t give a shit about Castle or his co-stars, in particular Stana. Some people were way out of line with mean tweets I don’t even want or have the courage to quote. Some others said that he does not promote the show enough and that he cares more about a show that has been cancelled for over 10 years(and his gf’s show) than the show that is giving him fame now.

Now, let me point out a few things.

1. The man can talk about whatever/whoever he wants in an interview.

2. He flew all the way to Australia in his free time to meet fans, yeah both, Firefly and Castle Fans; and he had to cancel the Europe Con because he was filming ConMan, a project he has started with his friend Alan Tudyk, IN HIS FREE TIME. Again, it’s his free time, he can do whatever he wants with his time off.

3. He does not have to tweet other cast members. He works with them 8-10 hours a day, and Nathan never has been the kind of person to have a Twitter conversation, but back to the point; He does not have to tweet them, it’s his to choose if he does or not.

4. Some say he doesn’t care about the show, but is the only cast member than goes to multiple con a year to meet fans, and yeah, of course it’s part of the job and he gets paid, but he helps charities and actually gave everything he made in the Dallas Comic Con(if I am not mistaken) to charity, and the man has a charity of his own. He has also done a few Live Tweets this season, three if I am not mistaken(don’t hate me if I am wrong but he has done two for sure), while of example Stana has done none this season(but hey, guess what, no one talks about this…) Ugh. 

Also, the man signed for season 8 even before knowing if there would be one, while the others, and most important Stana waited for the confirmation of the new season and the official signature came along with the news about the new season. But then to some people he is still the man that does not care about the show. I SERIOUSLY DON’T GET IT. Maybe he’ll have to tattoo Castle on his forehead for some of you to understand that he loves the show. 

5. Fifth and last(because this is getting rather long), FIREFLY IS HIS FIRST BIG THING. Is the show that gave him fame and brought him to where he is now. FIREFLY IS LIKE HIS FIRST LOVE, that love that you never forget and that is always there, everywhere you go. This show and his co-stars have been and still are a big part of his life, and you can’t blame de guy for loving his work and the people he worked with. Firefly is the show that presented him to the world, his first big project as an actor.

And now some people hate him for remembering and talking about it, 10 years later. Let me ask you something. In ten years time when Stana talks about Castle saying how much she misses the show and how great it was, will you hate her for talking about her first big project as an actress? You probably won’t because she’s your perfect little, untouchable princess, and that is okay, but some of you have to chill about Nathan, and understand that he is a human being, and that yes sometimes he may not be right(EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES) but I think he has never let his fans down, and for an actor, having people caring about your work 10 years later is something he must really appreciate and he has always said how thankful he is.
Yeah, Castle is the show that is giving him fame now, BUT DON’T FORGET THAT HE HAS HAD FANS BEFORE, AND FOR THEM HE WILL ALWAYS BE Captain MALCOLM REYNOLDS, just like for the people that have known Stana because of Castle, will always relate her with Detective Beckett.

So yeah, this is pretty much everything. Of course some of you might not share this with me but I thought I had to say something because what happened today on twitter really got me. No actor or human being deserves to be treated the way some people treat Nathan.

RESPECT everyone please, even if you don’t fancy them as much as others.

Thank you for reading my rambling,

Anna aka @superfillion

PS: Before starting twitter drama please think about how it may affect his fans and don’t blame them for reacting to mean words. 

PS2: I apologize if there’s any typo.