Visitors || Fuinn, Curt & Marley

Quinn should of been resting. But Carole, Burt and Marley were coming over and she had to get ready. While Finn was out picking up Marley and last minute groceries, Quinn eased herself out of bed. She dressed herself in a pretty floral dress and long black cardigan, before walking downstairs. She started to try cleaning up the kitchen, wincing at her foot. She had to change her bandage but couldn’t lean down to do so, as her bump was in the way. Quinn got onto the ground to wipe up a mess, as she heard the door open and she tried to get up quickly, before Finn could see her. But she wasn’t very successful.


Photoshooting attempt during emergency state, with Carole and way too many weapons for my sensitive, sheltered, European eyes. I still can’t figure out how I feel about this picture ; the whole encounter was so surrealistic, and awkward, although the guys were awfully nice (they joked about taking the pose when they stumbled upon us)…. But I’ll never, ever, be comfortable in front of weapons, cops, soldiers and so.