Josh rushing the stage to wish Camm a Happy Birthday. Marianas Trench wasn’t even preforming that night. He was just there for the BDay libation and to celebrate the kick off of Down With Webster’s Win-tour.

Yup, that’s a half finished Jack Daniels in his hand.

The picture is blurry ‘cause I was so excited, I couldn’t keep the camera steady to get the perfect shot!


Ghetto Dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Membership Coordinator, Alissa Cafferky, is representing SSHSA at the CAMM (Council of American Maritime Museums) conference in California this week.  She was treated to a VIP tour of the historic hotel and museum ship, the Queen Mary, in Long Beach, and snapped some photos for those of us at our HQ in Rhode Island. 

We held our annual meeting and ShiPosium conference aboard this classic ship in 2013. View pictures from that event on our Flickr pageLearn more about SSHSA on our website.