BAYFOOD COOKS: Let’s revisit the time I butchered Kimchi Jeon. I mean, at some point, one of my experiments must go wrong. I guess. I do not like admitting defeat!

At first, I was hesitant to try kimchi because everyone who would talk about made it sound like it was incredibly spicy, so I was a little nervous. But, I’ve come to realize that I kind of love spicy things. I will suffer through the pain because I enjoy its taste. So, when I finally tried kimchi when I was having Korean food for my birthday, I was both satisfied and underwhelmed. Satisfied because it tasted awesome, and only underwhelmed because… it wasn’t really that spicy to me! We had also ordered kimchi pancakes, which everyone devoured, and I think I ate the most out of the whole group. Sorry, not sorry. At all. 

Even weeks later, I would think about those kimchi pancakes. Except, I knew that because it’s cabbage that’s fermented, the fermentation usually contains a high sodium amount, like with pickling salt for jalapenos or cucumbers into pickles. Fast forward a couple of months later, and my mom randomly bought me some kimchi from Trader Joe’s. It had a lower sodium content than the other varieties, but I did notice that it looked different. I was still stuck on my restriction and sick, so I just figured it would be a compromise.

I never did get to make the pancakes while on my salt and fluid restriction, but after the transplant, there I had instances where I actually HAD to eat a good amount of sodium before a procedure. So I finally opened up the Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancakes) recipe that had been tucked away in my bookmarks long ago, and my mom made them for me. I knew the recipe wouldn’t be very complicated since it was basically kimchi and scallions fried into a pancake, but I wasn’t sure what else was used to bind it together.

In the end it was decent. It felt like the same type of pancake. But the taste was so off. Because, naturally, this was not authentic Kimchi. You know how the kimchi is chilling in that red sauce and slathered in it becuase that’s how you know it’s going to be delicious and spicy? This one did not look like that all, as you can see. It basically tasted salty without having any spicy or tangy flavor. This is how the ones that I had Ssisso in San Francisco looked like:

So, while this recipe had no problems with it, this is one of those instances in which I would not compromise on ingredients. Either buy authentic kimchi, or make your own! I’m considering doing that since I want to be able to eat it in several different ways but want to control the sodium content.

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You tossed the covers off of you; sleep wasn’t coming easily. You padded out of your room, finding Bucky still awake, “Can’t sleep?” He asked, looking up at you.


“Want to go on a drive?” Bucky smiled. You nodded, “Put your shoes on, I’ll get America up.”

Five minutes later, you three were driving down the roads. You loved this; that you all grouped together, “Sorry for making you get up, Steve.” You apologised.

Steve grinned, “Hey, when one of us can’t sleep; the rest of us can’t either.”