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Be Ma Man Part 8

The two of you agreed to watch Paranormal Activity 3 because it looked scary. Minsoo bought you a drink and some candy for the movie. The two of you walked into the theater and picked the first row to sit in. The closer the scarier.

“I heard this movie is pretty scary.” Minsoo stated.

“I know, I can’t wait.” you replied. You opened  your candy to share and the lights started to dim. There were about a few minutes of previews and then the actual movie started. Throughout the movie you’d jump but wouldn’t be completely scared. Your breathing was a bit raged here and there but nothing worse. At some point during the movie you looked over at Minsoo and noticed that he had fallen asleep. You scoffed and muttered, “Some date.”

You started poking his arm but he just stayed asleep. You finally gave up after poking him in the face but that didn’t work either. You continued to watch the movie when suddenly something scary popped out. Your refliexes kicked in and your arms came up to protect yourself, even though nothing was coming out of the screen. But your sudden jump cause you to nudge Minsoo in the arm. You suddenly felt a weight on your shoulder and you looked to see Minsoo on your shoulder. You tried pushing him off but that didn’t work. You groaned quielty and just left him there.

“You’re a real piece of work aren’t you?” you whispered. You continued to watch and be somewhat scared throughout the movie. You ate the rest of the candy considering the sleeping boy next to you wasn’t going to eat it. The movie ended and people started leaving. You felt a bit awkward when people would look at the two of you weridly. You started shaking your shoulder to wake him up. He finally flinched awake. "Finally. You slept through the whole movie! Some date you are.“ you said.

"Sorry..” he mumbled scratching the back of his head. You rolled your eyes and stood up.

“Lets just go.” you said.The two of you walked out of the theater and you grabbed the skateboards from behind the pillars. It was getting pretty dark and you were kind of scared considering you just watched a ghost movie.

“Was it scary?” he asked.

“Maybe you should’ve watched the rest of it,” you teased.

“True, I can always see it some other time too. So want me to walk you home?” he asked. “It is dark, there could be ghost out here.”

“Hey, that’s not funny, um. I guess you can walk me home.” you mumbled last part. You were scared and you did want someone to walk you home at least. “But your place isn’t that near-”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind walking home.” he said with a smile. You felt a bit sorry for him. The two of you continued walking to your house talking about random things. Mostly you telling him about the rest of the movie. “We should rent some scary movies and hang at I don’t know, yours or my place sometime?”

“Yeah, that’d be cool.” you replied. “You can’t fall asleep though.” you nudged him and he chuckled lightly. The two of you got to your place and you didn’t want to end the night just yet. “Um, so….You wanna come in for a bit?” you asked looking at the ground.

“Sure,” he replied. You led him into your apartment and you held the door for him to get in. You set your skateboard by the hall closet and you placed Minsoo’s there also. “So, now what?”

“Well I was actually thinking of another movie?” you asked. He laughed.

“Okay, sure.”

“Hey, you can’t fall asleep though!” You walked to the living room and pulled out your collection of movies. The two of you decided on Dawn Of The Dead (Zombie movie ;) ). “I love this movie.” you stated. “You can just hang here for a bit I’ll just get a few things. He sat on the floor as you walked to the closet to get some blankets to place on the floor. You walked back and flung them at Minsoo.

"Yah! What was that for?” he asked.

“Just unfold it and put it on the floor so we can have some comfort.” You grabbed some water bottles from the fridge placing them on the island. You grabbed snacks and popcorn for the movie. As you waited for the popcorn you looked over at minsoo who was messing with the blankets. He had tied one of them around his neck so he looked like a superhero. “What are you doing?” you asked. He just tugged the blanket off and said ‘nothing.’ You rolled your eyes and got the popcorn out and placed it in the bowl. You set everything on the island and went back to the living room. You moved Minsoo out of the way and you pushed the coffee table out of the way and pushed the couch forward. You then pushed the coffee table behind the couch.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“We can now lean on the couch without it sliding back to the wall. This couch likes to slide because of my floor. So when my friends come over they aways complain about having to fix it all the time so now I came up with a solution.” He simly nodded and you grabbed the blanket he once had and placed it on the floor. You threw another blanket down and also put some pillows down. You went back to the kitched, grabbed some of the snacks and placed them on the blankets and went back to grab the rest. Once everything was set up it was time to watch the movie.

“Hey lets make a bet.” Minsoo said eating.

“What’s with you and bets?” you asked sipping your water.

“Oh come on.”


“If I stay awake for the whole movie I get to kiss you.” you stared at him.

“You kiss on the first date Mr. C.A.P?” you asked.

“Oookay, on the cheek?” he asked.

“What if I say no?” you asked.

“Then I’ll permenatly place myself on your couch and never leave!” he said.

“Ugh. Fine, but if you fall asleep, you have to clean up my living room.” you stated pressing play.

“Deal.” The two of you shook hands and you made sure to have him asleep by the end of the movie.

Have you seen Paranormal Activity? If you have, have you seen the third one? I think that one is the scariest. Have you seen Dawn Of The Dead also? That is a really good Zombie movie. If you like zombie movies xD. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Guys I really do appretiate the comments! They make me smile! :D