T/N: lit. trans of L.Joe’s caption is just ‘happily’; in general, it could mean ‘do something happily’; fyteensontop 

[170413] Twitter - L.Joe

인스타라이브 방송 뭐하면서 하면 좋을까요         

If I do an insta live what should I do?

Let’s vote for it…

  • LieV (lying down broadcast)
  • Drinking broadcast
  • Eating broadcast
  • Just a broadcast of his face

토요일이 좋아요 일요일이 좋아요?

Would saturday or sunday be good?; fyteensontop



Sound of rain; fyteensontop


For all those fans/nonfans saying Byunghun (Ljoe) is a bad person for leaving teen top and suing TM… Let me say a thing~ He’s really a nice boy, he was worried about fans so he… Himself… organized a fanmeeting also started up a fancafe, he barely knew how to make the form so angels could apply to the fanmeeting (the day angels were meant to apply, some of the configurations accidentally erased the post so he created a new form. He also got help from some angels too)… He’s really trying to show fans that he won’t leave angels… He’s not a bad person… He’s pursuing his dream. Every decision we make creates collateral damage that we cannot control, we just try to make it as little as possible. This decision may hurt angels but things will be better in the future. If you don’t support him that’s all right but please do not think he’s a bad person…
Ps. Not my pics… Thanks each owner for the beautiful pics ♡