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We Are Dirty, So Be It (Ashley Purdy)

Request: Ashley Purdy got drunk & you two fucked & had mini Ashley’s running around in 9 months :3 
(OMFG I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS WAS IN MY DRAFTS HOLY SHIT I LOVE WHOEVER REQUESTED THIS. If you don’t know me, I’m addicted to Ashley Purdy & BVB so you guys should request more of them ^_^ ~ Rebecca) 

“CHEERS! To our new album, & to the most wonderful girlfriend I could ever ask for.” Your boyfriend of 2 years, Ashley toasted. 

“Awe Ash…” You blushed. You two raised your glass, as so did everyone else. You sipped your gin & scrunched your nose, considering how strong it was. 

“Ha, you okay babe?”

“Yeah, I’m just not use to this.”

*A couple hours later*

While you decided to stay sober tonight, you witnessed Ash…well basically doing to total opposite.  

“COME ON Y/N, LET’S DANCE!” He shouts across the club. Everyone knew that when Ash gets to a certain level of intoxication, it never ends well. 

“Um Y/N, you should probably take him now. He’s in ‘Ash Mode’.” Jinxx suggested. 

“Yeah I think you’re right.” You walked across the dance floor to find Ash. “Come on Ash! We’re going home.”

*At home*

“Why you always gotta ruin everything like daaamn.” He slurred. 

“Excuse me? I’m just tryna save you from embarrassing yourself.”

“I’m not a child Y/N, I can take care of myself.” He snapped.

“Well fine then. Have fun taking care of yourself on the couch tonight, cause that’s where you’re sleeping.” You snapped back. You were sick & tired of his attitude. 

“No Y/N wait!”

“Leave me alone Ash-”

“Please… Please forgive me. I’m sorry." 

"Prove it.” You winked. He smirked & caught your drift. He pushed you against the wall & smacked his lips against yours. He sneaked his hands up your skirt & began to rub your clit.

“Oh Ash!” He caught you by surprise.

“You like it when I touch you?” He whispered in your ear. Your breathing became harder, because you wanted him. Inside you.

“Ash please.”

“Please what?” He stopped rubbing you & removed his shirt.

“P-please just fuck me already.” You moaned & massaged your boobs yourself.

“As you wish.” He picked you up & ran to the bedroom. He threw you on the bed, laying you on your back. You removed your clothes, as so did he. He got on the bed with his boxers on. You sat up to pull them down, letting his erection spring free. “You know what to do.” He purred.

You grabbed his length & wasted no time deep throating him. “Ugh Y/N.” He groaned. You sensed his member twitching & he released in your mouth. You swallowed every inch of him. He laid you back down & teased you a little bit.

He rubbed his shaft against your clit a few times. “Ashley, p-please. I need you so bad.” You begged, you were desperate for him. He giggled & entered himself into you. Hard. “FUCK!” You screamed out. 

“God damn Y/N you’re so tight.” A few more thrusts & you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten. 

“Oh Ash….I’m g-gonna-UGH!” You came onto his member as he came into you. He collapsed beside you & you snuggled your head into his chest. 

“Best. Sex. Ever.”

*10 months later*

“Ash can you feed Y/D/N? I have to go change Y/S/N.” Over the months, you had two beautiful set of twins, Y/D/N & Y/S/N.

“Of course.” He walked over to her playpen & picked her up. “Awe you hungry baby girl? Don’t worry, daddy’s got your bottle right here.” He sat on the couch next to you & started feeding her. 

“You’re such a good father Ash.”

“And as you a mother.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too." 

Please be Okay (part two to Please Eat)

A/N: This has to do with self harm. Please proceed with caution. This is a triggering chapter. This also happens to be my outlet. So sometimes you’ll get graphic scenes like one you’ll read. (it’s not terribly graphic but it may be triggering to some)

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We Scream, We Shout

Request: are you still taking requests if you are will you do a Christian Coma one that is really smutty where it’s Christmas and you open a present and its a really slutty outfit and you try it on then you guys save sex and stuff. 

(We always take requests love) 

“Hey babe! Come open your present now! I think you’ll love it.” Your boyfriend of 3 years, CC suggested. 

“Coming!” You ran downstairs & went to CC. You grabbed the present from his hands & unwrapped it. “Woah.” You pulled out some lace lingerie & smiled.

“Our room. Now.” He growled. You sprinted to the bedroom you two shared & closed the door shut. “Why don’t you uh…try those on for me?” You winked & went to the bathroom inside your room. You tried on the lingerie & it fit perfectly. You saw through the glass window that the lights were dimmed. You opened the door & witnessed CC in the bed without his shirt on. 

“Is this what you wanted?” You whispered & climbed on the bed. CC carried you onto his lap as your lips connected. You moaned as his tongue searched your mouth. Your hands slivered down his chest & onto his pants. You unbuckled his jeans & threw them to the side. 

You took out his hard rock member & stroked his, painfully slow. His body shivered, which made you smirk. You stroked him harder & faster. 

“Fuck Y/N!” He groaned. You let him go & pulled down his boxers fully. He removed your bra & underwear. He laid down on his back as you sat on his face.

“Eat me.” You roared. His tongue swirled around your clit. Your hands massaged your boobs as you moaned out his name. “Fuck CC! YES RIGHT THERE!” His lips pecked your folds & you felt that familiar knot in the pit of your stomach. You released in his mouth & he swallowed you all. 

You hopped off of him & sat on his member. You teased yourself by rubbing him on your clit. You then entered yourself into him & you both breathed. You bounced on him, with his hands on your hips.

“Shit Y/N you feel so good.” He moaned. You rode him faster & harder. You bent down & kissed his soft lips. His hands traveled to your bum & slapped it. Hard. 

“CC!” You gasped. “Fuck I’m close." 

"Me too.” A few moments later you came together, You removed yourself from him & laid in his arms. “That was amazing." 

"Agreed. Merry Christmas CC.”

“Merry Christmas Y/N.”


Holy fuck what kind of smut was that holy shit that was awful I’m so sorry. Feedback maybe?“