Teen punks Bruise Violet are 'Broadway meets Bikini Kill'
Jerard Fagerberg I can hear screams coming from the Schoonover house from four blocks away. Inside the mud-colored south Minneapolis stucco home, 16-year-old Emily Schoonover, Bella Dawson (15), and Danielle Cusack (18) sit in a screened-in porch swigging Dr Pepper and losing their shit over Halli Galli, a reflex-intensive German...
By Jerard Fagerberg

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SasuSaku & Bulma and Vegeta - NaruHina & Goku and ChiChi similarities

For Naruto he is similar to Goku; because they are both the main character, they are both goofy, clueless, they never give up, and they’re always the one to save the day when its really needed. They are both orphans, both survivors of a once-mighty group that got destroyed (Uzumaki/Saiyans). They have both been trained by a world-famous super-strong pervert XD lols (Jiraiya/Master Roshi). They both learned their masters trademark attacks (Rasengan/Kamehameha). They both have a secret animalistic ability that gets mastered (Kyuubi/Oozaru (Giant Ape), Goku tamed the Golden Oozaru to become SSJ4). They both got a golden-colored super mode later on (Kyuubi/SSJ). They both makes or tries making friends with their enemies (Sasuke, made Zabuza cry, Haku, made Pain revive people, made Gaara his actual friend, and also became friends with Neji/ Goku made friends with his enemies too (Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Krillen, Yamcha, Buu). They always see / tries to see the good in people (even their enemies).

For Sasuke he is very similar to Vegeta; because they are both the secondary main character (Vegeta becomes one later in DBZ). They are both arrogant, spooky, have an evil aura, they are both easy to get annoyed. They are both an avenger of their destroyed race / clan (Uchiha/Saiyan). They were both misguided about who actually killed them (Sasuke was led to be believe his whole life that Itachi was responsible for the massacre when it was really Danzo behind it with Obito’s help / Vegeta initially thought it was an asteroid that destroyed Planet Vegeta when it was really Frieza who blew up his home planet); but both then hated and avenged or tried avenging the true villain (killed Danzo, then came to avenge Itachi / tried killing Frieza but was not successful). They both pretended to be under some villain’s rule, only to betray him later on (killed Orochimaru/only joined Babidi for power to fight Goku, but tried killing Buu later on). They are the main guy’s enemy/rival/friend in either order (both ended up as rivals & friends so far). They are both very jealous of the main character (Naruto/Goku) in terms of strength and power (Sasuke became jealous of Naruto when he told Sakura it was not him who saved her but Naruto, and seeing her smile at Naruto caused anger and jealousy burning inside him; almost as if he wanted to be the one to save Sakura XD / Vegeta is jealous of Goku, because he was the lone survivor of the Saiyan race, is the Prince of all Saiyans, and seeing Goku transform to SSJ also caused anger and jealousy burning inside him, when he wanted to be an SSJ and struggled, while to him it seemed Goku had no problems transforming. They both redeemed themselves from their evil ways (Sasuke’s journey to redemption & his current mission with the Boruto movie / Vegeta’s sacrifice with Buu). They are both shown to have a softer side with the people they care about (Sakura & Sarada / Bulma, Trunks & Bra (Bulla) even Goku to an extent since Goku besides himself is the only true full blooded Saiyan left).  

For Sakura she is similar to Bulma because; they are both the female main character (Bulma was in DB, but became more of a supportive role in DBZ /GT). They are both officially book-smart (best student / outright genius). THey are both noisy, brash, far from being polite, and has a “normal” family. They are both weak fighters (until Sakura surpassed Tsunade and became the strongest woman :D / Bulma was never a fighter, but she was behind the technology ex; Dragon Radar, Time Machine, the Gravity Chambers). They both fell in love with the main guy’s rival (initially fell for Sasuke/eventually some time after Vegeta was introduced). They both kept loving him despite being an enemy (still shows signs of loving Sasuke/fell in love when Vegeta was still untrustworthy). They both never fell in love with the main character (Naruto/Goku). They both have a brother / sister type relationship to the main guy (Naruto/Goku). They both ACTUALLY marry the guy that they have fallen in love with and both have their own families (Sasuke & Sarada/Vegeta, Trunks, and later on Bra (Bulla). 

For Hinata she is also similar to ChiChi; because they are both the major secondary female character (has equal importance to Bulma in DBZ, both becoming rather secondary). They are both very polite, shy (young ChiChi is). They are both a princess of sorts (a clan heir/ literally, Ox King’s daughter). They are both a somewhat of a good fighter (at least trained in Juuken, which is a strong style / managed to actually fight Goku in DB; but thanks to Android 18 & Videl, she is the third strongest woman, but can’t fight side-by-side with Goku anymore). They both have a childhood crush on the main guy, which he’s oblivious to (same for both lols). They both confessed their feelings during an important arc/event (Hinata confessed during the Pain fight/ChiChi confessed during a tournament involving Piccolo where she thought Goku would die). They both ACTUALLY marry the main guy and has their own family XD (Naruto, Boruto & Himuwari/Goku, Gohan & Goten). 

Thoughts? Opinions? Edited version. 

anonymous asked:

Is it possible for a doctor to know how long you've had an infection or STD? I've had awful thick chunky discharge and a weird smell coming from my vagina for at least a year and a half, but due to bad sex ed I thought it was normal. I also have a really bad cramping sensation when I pee (kinda like in the area behind my clit). I'm worried about going to the doctor because I feel dumb. Will they be able to tell that I've let this go on for so long?

A) No, there is absolutely no way to tell how long someone has had an infection.

B) Please don’t be embarrassed!  Doctors, midwives, and nurse practitioners all understand not only how hard it is to advocate for yourself but also how hard it is to have the knowledge to do so, especially when it comes to vagina-health.  

If you go to see a provider and you tell them exactly what you told me they will not shame you, but they might spend extra time with you explaining everything so that you can manage these situations better in the future.

I just watched Working Girl which is a great film from the year of my birth (1988) with excellent hair and shoulder pads, and I think we should take a few lessons from the 80s working ladies:

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Good luck, everything will be fine.  And then zip back through my old posts!

Yo! My band Bruise Violet released our first single this week! We’re an all female grunge-punk band out of the twin cites in Minnesota. 

This song is about emotional manipulation after a breakup. It’s written because we noticed all these songs written after a breakup where the person who was dumped talks about how they cant function or leave bed and even sometimes threatening to kill themselves. (if that is true, you really should talk to someone and get help but PLEASE don’t put it on someone else. It isn’t your fault but, it also isn’t someone elses. Sometimes relationships don;t work on and you are allowed  to be sad and write down your feelings, just dont do it to get revenge or pity or whatever.) Your feelings are totally valid but, telling the person who dumped you (for a reason) that they are the sole cause of your pain as a sad attempt to get them back or even just get their pity IS emotional manipulation. This song is also against the sad girl/boy aesthetic. Like, the idea that being sad is “cool”. Being sad really sucks and somehow it’s glorified and becoming a trend. As a result, sadness is taken less seriously I have a whole rant but rn I should just be promoting my band. So anyways, here’s Maybe You’re the Problem. 

Bruise Violet - Maybe You’re the Problem

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