Bob or Bub?

I have used Tumblr for only a year, but there’s a tomato I see a lot of here.

Who is Bub? And why is everyone interested in his weirdness? Does Bob know about him?? I’m confused. elioli-art appears to know about the Bub craze going on here. Maybe they can help.

I found this screenshot on my phone from back last november and I can’t stop laughing.

you know i’m sure this cat is the dumbest in the world right 5 mins ago she was asleep on the chair next to me and then she fell off the chair in her sleep and yesterday she locked herself in a room that no one uses and she once fell out the window on the second floor and the neighbours rang the doorbell and they were like “dude your cat fell out the window’ yeah she’s an odd one

Lil Bub Valentines Gifts!


     If you buy anything pictured above: A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA, which provides grants to organizations to support pets that need special care or extra help getting adopted.
    And a portion of the proceeds from the Bub Plush Toy go to Best Friend’s Animal Society - a national organization working to save the lives of pets in shelters with no place to call home!

Option 1:  (Everything Pictured Above) A Handmade Bub Necklace, A Card Signed And Stamped BY Lil Bub, A Pair Of Handmade Bub Earrings And Your Very Own Bub Plush Toy - $52.00 USD

Option 2: (Everything Pictured Above Minus The Bub Plush Toy) A Handmade Necklace, A Card Signed And Stamped BY Lil Bub And A Pair Of Handmade Bub Earrings - $35.00 USD

Option 3: (Everything Pictured Above Minus The Jewelry) A Card Signed And Stamped By Bub And Your Very Own Bub Plush Toy - $27.00 USD

Option 4: You Can Just Buy 1 Of The Above (Or Two, Whatever Your Little Heart Desires <3)

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