2016 Idol Olympics: Chuseok Edition Teams

Team A: Btob, Apink, CLC, Oh my girl, B1A4

Team B: Infinite, VIXX, Lovelyz, Girl’s Day, Gugudan

Team C: Gfriend, Twice, Mamamoo, Bts, Got7

Team D: BAP, Teen top, Sonamoo, Exid, April

Team E : Monsta X, Seventeen, WJSN, DIA , Fiestar


BTS:No Dating Restrictions ~ [TRANS]

According to a BTS staff member, “ever since they were trainees, the company didn’t even prohibit them from going on a date. All of the members owned cell phones as well. Yet, each of the members took strong responsibility of their personal lives, even without the company’s restrictions, in order to reach their goals.”

(Source & Trans. Cr.)