You know what, this needs to stop.

I am sick and tired of people disrespecting Big Time Rush. It’s always the same arguments; “they’re not as popular as blahblahblah” or “they’re a kids band” or “they never win any awards”.

Well let me tell you this.

  • Big Time Rush put on a free private concert for the citizens of Newtown where the major school shooting took place. (x)
  • Big Time Rush dedicated a song at one of their concerts to a fan who was fighting leukemia that they were supposed to meet, but died before they could make the trip. (x)
  • A little boy asked in his Santa letter for Santa to get Big Time Rush to meet his little sister because she was getting bullied and wanted her to be happy, so Big Time Rush took the time to go to where she lived to meet her and serenade her. (x)
  • Big Time Rush went to the children’s hospital in Boston and spent time with the sick children there, signing pictures and CD’s and even sang to one of them. (x)
  • Big Time Rush headlined a tour and had One Direction open for them, despite the fact that they were their so-called “competition” and that some One Direction fans disrespected them at their shows by leaving in the middle of their sets. (x)
  • Kendall Schmidt, one fourth of Big Time Rush, wrote a song solely about a girl’s inner beauty and insecurities. (x)
  • In respond to hate from One Direction fans, this is how Kendall Schmidt replied; (x) Whereas when the 1D/TW war ensued, vulgar and harmful tweets were being sent; (x)

Your band may be more popular and have more awards, but when it comes to kindness and heart, Big Time Rush owns it all. And I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a genuine, sweet band opposed to a band only known for its popularity.