starryevening  asked:

tell me about....Bruno. I've seen him a lot and he seems lovely and I want to know more.

Wow thank you!! Bruno is my multiclass Champion Fighter/Arcana Cleric for our house game, Alluvia, that’s been going on for 3 years now! Gosh it’s been so long idk where to even start! I have a pretty basic writeup for him here, but the short of it is that he’s from Fantasy Europe (Somnolenterra), where there’s no magic, and he was shipped to a military colony on Fantasy America (Alluvia), where magic is in abundance. His people have taken over most of The Old World, so he’s had to unlearn a lot of racist/nationalist thoughts but he is fundamentally kind-hearted and has spent most of the game forging friendships and finding a family among the rest of the party. 

The most fun and narratively interesting thing about him for me is that I decided early on that after fighting undead soldiers he developed a Big Fear of ghosts and becoming undead himself. He turned to Morteau, the goddess of death and magic, for answers and Cool Magic Powers to protect against such things. BUT I had no idea that he had been infected with Vampirism from a Scary combat months earlier. He did eventually die and of course rose as a vampire. He’s taking it surprisingly well tbh, because if he’s going to be an undead monster regardless, this is the best case scenario because he gets to keep his mind (mostly) intact.

More recently, Bruno teaches Runes at our impromptu magic school. He really loves these kids and wants them to succeed and feel safe around him and his friends. Hopefully they don’t find out that their Big Green Teacher is a vampire! (That’s probably gonna be a Lunch Lady From The Black Lagoon-style children’s book in fifty years tho)