The online sales giant,, is known for its innovation, forward-thinking, and exceptional marketing. Amazon is constantly striving to better their company in order to provide the most comprehensive online market and the fastest delivery speed possible.  With the inception of Amazon Prime, subscribers gained access to free two day shipping, free returns, and recently, thousands of free films, eBooks, and music.  Amazon has taken to social media to promote their newest service, Prime Now. Available in select cities, Amazon can deliver your product to your doorstep, free of charge within two hours. This may be one of the best sales and marketing strategies in our time. In the fast paced consumer driven world that we live, quicker is better, and free shipping wins. With the addition of Prime Now, Amazon has seized the opportunity to market the service in conjunction with the Echo and its operating system Alexa. In a brilliant social media campaign Amazon is offering something better than the world at our fingertips, they are offering a voice command to order now, and get it now.  Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Prime-Now offer a purchasing platform with Instant gratification whilst exerting minimal effort. An effective and brilliant strategy to be sure.