I went to Breakerz vs Glay gig in Tokyo:). To be honest, I don’t really know Glay, and they didn’t convince me much after I watched their gig(sorry, Glay fan. its just my opinion). At least I saw DAIGO excited and jumping around during he was watching Glay play time from side. He was a just FAN BOY lol   There was a video for few minutes before Breakerz play, the video was so funny! Breakerz used Glay song’s name with every comments. I have to say, they really love and respect Glay so much. They said that you can find Glay, Larc’ and BOOWY from our DNA if you do test DNA testing lol

Anyway, I loved their gig so much. just too short! 1 hour? is just too short for me. they played Hikari, Grand finale, new songs etc. it was an amazing. just too short! Daigo and Akihide kissed again lol  I thought they won’t do it anymore while Daigo already married lol

then we had to wait another 20 mins? break, Glay and Breakerz played their song together. they played 2 glay songs and 1 Breakerz song”We go“(Teru’s vocal is bit not suite with the song). DAIGO was nearly cry! Daigo played Glay song when he started to play a copy band first time.

I wanted Breakerz to play more their songs because I can’t got their 10th anniversary gig, which is just Breakerz play :(  anyway, Daigo happy face was very worth to see :)

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BREAKERZ 10th Anniversary 10 Battles -VS-”! Round 8! vs VAMPS!

You know how HYDE said he would break the BREAKERZ last night? As it turned out, he was nearly broken by their endlessly fanboying instead. Lol

In the video they played at the beginning of the live BREAKERZ told their audiences how they got to know HYDE. At the end of it, all three of them stood up and got on their knees and bowed down to VAMPS’ poster, pray for success of the live.

VAMPS was up first, then Daigo said he was too high during the VAMPS session that he wouldn’t be able to sing anymore, and he was jealous of girls who were able to see them performing so up close.

He wrote a new song called GOD, in which he expressed his admiration to HYDE. And he said to the fans that when they hear the lyrics they would know his feeling is exactly the same as theirs. The lyric goes something like: Your voice, your smile, I want to stay by your side and offer you everything, you are my GOD. The lyric is so pure fanboying that HYDE’s face got so red that he nearly hid behind his chair… Daigo kept saying he had sent the lyric to HYDE’s mobile…. lol

During one of his MCs, he said “Not in my wildest dreams that I would imagine being able to compete with GOD on the same stage, it is SWEET DREAMS. Even though my chance of winning them is ZERO, I would do CALLING for him/them for 24 hours afterward. Today will become the best MEMORIES.”

He tried to promoted their towel from their tour goods collection, only to be told by the audiences that he got the wrong one in hand. He then realized he was holding VAMPS’ towel instead which was sold out already. He apologized to those who missed out because he also bought one himself…. And then he said BREAKERZ’ one was still available and also quite good.

During the last session, two bands covered each other’s song. HYDE had his entire hand covered in lyrics, and even so he teased KAZ if he was going to be OK to play the guitar.

Daigo sang I LOVE YOU to HYDE, kissed Akihide for 10 sec+, and all while his beautiful wife Kitagawa Keiko watched on…. The mystery of married lives of jrockers….

Apparently, the more subdued BREAKERZ fans were in quite a bit shocker over the aggressiveness of the VAMPS fans. Even Daigo called themselves Ms, and asked the bloodsuckers to be more S.

Credit: VENCHYmia @ weibo

I’ve seen endless posts about how cute/handsome HYDE was, seems like most people have already gotten used to his new look?