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OK, so let me ask you a question. Do you love Adventure Time? If you answered no, you can just get outta here!  OK, you can stick around and keep reading, but I’m really talking to the people out there who love Adventure Time. Did you know the creator of Adventure Time has another awesome series on YouTube that’s been going on for a couple years, now? That’s right. It’s called Bravest Warriors, and it has a lot of the same qualities you loved about Adventure Time, but cut down to just five minutes with zero commercials.

The Bravest Warriors follows the ongoing adventures of a teenage group of intergalactic superheroes named The Bravest Warriors. Their parents were superheroes before them, named The Courageous Battlers, but have gotten sucked into a thing called the See Through Zone. The Bravest Warriors have to step up and take their place. Well, that’s the most sane way to describe a series that begins with a time-loop episode, in which all the main characters die thanks to a jealous glove worn by Wallow, one of our heroes.

The best thing about The Bravest Warriors is that it maintains the graphic style and absurd sense of humor you’re familiar with from Adventure Time, while still ramping up the absurdity even higher because it’s all compressed within a five or six minute episode. The stories are big with some arcs spanning across several episodes. So my question to you, why would you ever stop watching? Because I ran out of episodes is the only reason I can think of.

Well, if you haven’t started, you’ve got dozens of episodes to catch up on. Season 2 of The Bravest Warriors wrapped up a little over a month ago, and Cartoon Hangover just released all of the season’s episodes compiled into one hour-long video. Before watching though, you should go back and watch the first season, and you know what? I’m going to make it easy for you to have a little space adventure time. Here’s a playlist of all of the first season’s episodes:

The binge doesn’t have to end there! There’s even a Bravest Warriors comic book for those of you who prefer your cartoons to sit still and not talk to you. If you already are afan of The Bravest Warriors, share this post with someone who needs to know about it!

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I’ve been wanting to make more fanart recently. I’ve also been wanting to play with restricted color palettes. SO! I’m going to open up for prompt suggestions! Above are palettes to choose from, and below is a big list of random things I’ve been meaning to draw from (I’ll pick my favorite character/objects/etc from whatever is suggested. If for some reason you would really like to see a specific character in my style, I’ll consider it!). Feel free to comment with a palette number and one of these:

-Repo the Genetic Opera
-Summer Wars
-Gravity Falls
-Danny Phantom
-Rick & Morty
-Ed Edd & Eddy
-Bravest Warriors
-Adventure Time
-Bee & Puppycat
-Sly Cooper series
-Bioshock Infinite
-Lethal League
-Jet Set Radio Future
-OFF the Game
-The World Ends With You
-Five Nights at Freddy’s
-Kingdom Hearts

Note: These will be suggestions, and not requests. I might not be able to do them all, but I’ll do as many as I can today and tomorrow! I’ll definitely tag credit to whomever makes the suggestions I end up sketching.

Palettes from
Compilation by shinepaw

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